As we go forward and our 2017 leadership tries to undo everything society has done the last 240 years, we will slide backwards.  Maybe so far backwards that the people who it hurts the most, those angry Trump voters, will demand a liberal take charge to move the Nation forward again.

John K.’s friend says:

“Here is as concise a summary of the predicament of Democracy In America today as I have read.  The author seems to be a right-winger or some sort of anarcho-libertarian bomb-thrower.  The tone is that of a gloat:
“1. You don’t have congress.
“2. You don’t have the senate.
“3. You don’t have the presidency.
“4. You don’t have the Supreme Court and will lose most of the lesser courts.
“5. The GOP now controls the most legislative seats it has held since the founding of the party.
“6. Lose control of one more state and you can’t stop amendments to the Constitution. This situation is likely to continue for 8-25 years.
“7. In that time you will lose academe and the control of the schools. Vouchers and school choice coming right up.”  

There it is, pretty baldly stated. That is the situation.
One can almost hear the “NANNY-POO, NANNY-POO.””

What we are forgetting also is that the list can be expanded to:

8. Monetary Policy control and banking.

9. Billionaire classlessness.

10. MSM.  The Fourth Estate, the Press, is fairly conservative with ABC, CBS and NBC using Fox News stories for leads.  Most reporters are closely trained liberals but they must work in the MSM (and remain silent).  Associated Press on last legs and UPI gone. Then all this fake news stuff like Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, etc.

11. Military–they are just enamored by the White Supremacist views of Trump and are glad to get rid of the “Muslim monkey Obama” (I was shocked that our military was so close to open revolt).

12. White Supremacists, Nazi’s, KKK, Alt-Right and Pepe the Frog.

13. Anti-Minority and anti-immigrant crowd beyond the #12 above.  Those blaming the “others” for taking their jobs.

14. We are losing the 3,133 county and 9,990 municipal governments to Right-Wing wackos who want to privatize and line their pockets with contracts.  Sometimes state officials bend when enough cities and counties jump on them.

15. State and local School Boards are big targets of religious groups that want religion taught in the schools and birth control stopped.  Once the school board is controlled big money goes out for textbooks.  The Texas textbooks are the model for the nation and the religious nuts there want the science books to say the Earth is 6,000 years old and Jesus rode dinosaurs.

The only hope we have is this diverse group of wackos should hold each other in check.  We are under a Republican dictatorship; freely chosen by 25.7 % of the country.  Truly a sad day in this Nation’s history.  Maybe some Karma for Standing Rock.

Add to it the destruction of regulations (the Heritage Foundation has identified 1,000 to be taken out in the first 100 days), especially environmental, and the country slides into a unknown but destructive free-for-all abyss.

This week of November 13th, 2016, has seen some disappointing selections of bigots, adulterers, and general idiots for the Trump Presidential Cabinet; and has not lent confidence or assurance to the Nation.

Then on these FaceBook posts there was almost a consensus of: “there is unlikely to be a 2020 election.”  Others asked: “how is this possible?”

To which I responded:  Or at least in that so much disenfranchisement will happen. Supposedly rated at 7 million in 2016 (Greg Palast reports); 13 million disenfranchised from 2000 to 2012.  All that is needed is probably a 10-20 million disenfranchisement of minority voters in 2020 and you can have the election with a preordained result.  Most Red state laws already are in place (they control 35 Secretaries of State).  The small rollback by the Supreme Court can be reversed in January 2017.

Judith SB says:

“The Republicans are celebrating now, but it’s going to be a very, very tough road for them. They don’t have a supermajority in the Senate and Chuck Schumer will be able to veto most of Trump’s agenda. And repealing the ACA is going to be impossible. The healthcare industry is 1/6 of the U.S. economy. Give me a break. And the REAL nightmare for the Republicans will happen in 2018 when the entire House is up for reelection along with a third of the Senate. Think they’re shitting in their pants? You bet, since they will not have delivered much of anything at that point. All those people in the Rust Belt are waiting for Trump to give them their jobs back in coal, when it’s shale gas that has swamped coal.”

To which I add:

Also Natural Gas in general. The whole thing also is robots are replacing many of those high paying foreman jobs overseeing conveyor belts moving coal. Plus most heavy equipment is all electronically controlled and you get a smart card to run the whole thing. The ability to be a mechanic and wrench on something is gone, many old drivers refuse to learn the electronics (fear and frankly illiteracy can actually prevent them).

Our new POTUS-elect.  But the crazy thing is people did not stand up to his extreme racist-rapist-idiotic views.  When asked outside Trump events they made apologies for the candidates and said you have to take this with a grain of salt.  It was all Mussolini’s slogan: Make Italy Great Again–this trumped all reptilian-thought processes.  The more powerful people (billionaires) have Trump as their puppet.  There is no hope for you and I, just a hidden form of total slavery to these masters (Numbers 1-15 above).  Resistance.