Castro’s death on November 25, 2016 ( brought to mind little Elian Gonzales and the fake indignity of the GOP, so they could lock in place the Cuban vote in Florida.

The GOP is so hollow and phony that those that it forces to vote against their own best interests should be horrified by this political party.  Often called the “Culture Wars”and directly tied to right-wing radio they fight “Political Correctness” and take the banner of the “War on Christmas.” Bill O’Reilly’s career on FOX News was saved by this so-called war.  Almost all GOP political leaders have taken deferments from the draft; yet, they are the first to send YOUR son or daughter to war.

The GOP position on Abortion is that “faked indignity” and we finally have complete proof. When Republican G.W. Bush was in office he controlled the Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court and they refused to take action and slaughter the Golden Calf of their worship.  Without the abortion plank there is no reason to vote GOP for Christians.  Trump will be the same way.

Same is true on:

– Stem Cell Research

– Assisted Death of Terri Sciavo in Florida

– Affirmative Action

Fake outreach, mainly on religious beliefs has been the hallmark greeting card of the GOP.

Helping Israel protect itself, because it is the birthplace of Jesus (and the place the Rapture is to begin more importantly), beyond any reasonable point of self-defense—gee whiz they have nuclear weapons and need to be restrained if anything.

These people blame minorities and immigrants for the loss of their jobs. The blame belongs to anyone who continues to rely on most blue collar jobs which now require more white collar-level training. Due to increased automation and advancements in industrial technology, there is literally no further use in the workplace for persons who have not invested in furthering their education.

When will GOP voters wake up?