The Armchair quarterbacks are out and saying Obama achieved nothing in eight years.  Well, through the board rooms and the Republican Party caucuses Obama was hamstrung from day one to achieve anything for the We The People.  Obama was blocked at every turn by actions which in time of war are sedition (does War on Terrorism count?): Plus this (just read and remember the titles if nothing else):;;; Newt admits to it:;;;;

Other people say why can we give the President-Elect respect and give him a chance?

We need to remember this stuff and hold Republican leadership to account. There was even a Republican meeting in Miami in 2009 against Obama funded by billionaires where South Carolina Senator Jim Demint and Texas Senator John Cornyn debated and Demint won evoking a “scorched earth” policy against Obama.  Whereby everything that Obama proposed or wanted would be opposed or defeated.

Will Republicans respect democracy?
the answer right now seems to be:
I don’t think they will. They certainly haven’t the past 8 years (McConnell vowing to make Obama a one-term President, 64 attempts to repeal the ACA, the meeting in a Washington Bar (the Caucus Room) on Inauguration Day by nine Republicans to obstruct everything, etc.