The President-elect, whose name shall not be mentioned, because it is as incendiary to ALL Americans as Benedict Arnold and Bush/Cheney, must do something to bind this nation’s wounds (because even if you are in the minority of people that support him, your support has the ability to incite a riot).  He is challenged as Lincoln was to heal a nation.  But his task is much harder because instead of having clearcut sides demarcated by the Mason Dixon Line, and a overwhelming defeat by the enemy in the Civil War; he has families, neighbors and friends divided by two simple letters R and D.  With most people on a side that they actually have no clue about.  So somewhere, somehow, education will be important—maybe like FDR’s Fireside Chats.

A “We The People” divided on ideas, needs, fear, hatred and patriotism.  The first goal must be to understand his opposition.  Every great general, as he purports to be, knows this.  In his appointment of Marine General Maddog Mattis today (12-2-2016), he mentioned that he is in the vein of a General George S. Patton—my absolute favorite general—but a true warrior lost in the ages (a bygone era).  The new leaders are just so much more sophisticated and have built on what “Georgie” did (Georgie was his nickname by his peers like Ike, Bradley)—and have taken it to levels of intellect and psychology, that Georgie never imagined.

It is important for the President-elect not to get lost in his own power or narcism.  To look at things in a new light, like the 241 years of federal administration built on precedence.  To avoid business practices as the solution to everything; because they are in fact—what has gotten us to this place of total disrepair and despair.  Maybe to forget everything he knows and frankly reject it (like the Art of the Deal).

His appointments have been not about rewarding the loyal, but sticking it in the face of the opposition.  Never has any world leader picked a bigger clown car of inept, vilified and unprepared leaders.  Even Mitt Romney (more recently John Huntsman) who is prepared, would be a horrid choice as Secretary of State because of his Mormonism, which is viewed by the world as a cult.  The SOS cannot be a woman, although woman have served—because the world doesn’t like women leaders.  So these picks have to be carefully weighed and not rushed as a decisive business leader might do.  Many things that need to be done are probably in contrast to his very character and nature.

On the world stage, he must be cognizant that he is viewed as a buffoon and follows maybe the most respected world leader (Obama) in modern memory.  It will take time to build trust and he must start it with our Allies that he ridiculed during the campaign.  “Eating some crow” is in order.

There may be a point where ALL Americans can see that he is not up to the challenge (the Emperor has no clothes).