Donald J. Trump has “betrayed” us all.  He has lived a life that violates every principle of decency and moral values—what is deemed the “American Way of Life.”  He has mocked the Golden Rule: “Do unto others, as you would have them do onto you.”  He has shattered the conventional business model, which implores that it’s benefactors have some form of marginal business ethics.  He conducts his life with actions that would shame all our mothers, and make our fathers shake their heads in disbelief.  He has turned his own charitable non-profit foundation into his private cash cow that pays for at least two life-sized portraits of himself for his private home collection.  He knows no bounds of vanity or excess; he is the leader of Sodom and Gomorrah.

His betrayals are against the norms and absolute limits of a just and reasonable society:

  • He has turned normal dating into a rape-a-rama.  He has redefined misogyny to be a goal for business and political leaders since he is lauded for it.
  • He has turned believing in a religion into a total sham to be elected President.
  • His cabinet picks are not only the most unqualified, they would be enough to void a probationer’s ability to stay out of prison.
  • He conducts a campaign rally like a court jester entertained the King by pointing out to the crowd the weaknesses or betrayals of the lords around him: disabled, ugly person, person of color, fat woman, complainer, and mainly that this person spoke ill of the King.
  • He denied Climate Change and mocks those who care about it.
  • He lies.
  • He had four deferments from the military draft to Vietnam, despite his officer’s training when we were short of officers in the war (when his draft board finally gave him an exemption, he hurried of to an Intramural Game in college that he was playing in).
  • He deals in the abuse of immigrants like when he imported hundreds of Polish workers to work on his building in America, then got them deported.  He has even abused the legal status of his two immigrant wives.
  • He has made a “joke” of our legal system by the 3,500 lawsuits he is a party to.
  • In business, he threatened competitors with his “New York Mafia connections.”
  • He has no stake in our country with so many foreign investments it doesn’t matter if the country sinks.  He has failed to participate in local matters (like being appointed to a historic buildings advisory board) other than taking potshots and tweets from Trump Towers.  He pays no taxes and will not share this information with us; and does it with no guilt.  Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said the contract with the American people was to: “pay taxes to live in a civilized society.”

He ran an election like you would a tabloid newspaper—not one shred of truth.  He won election by courting the Russians to rig the election.  He mocked the election process by allowing the disenfranchisement of 7 million people (according to Greg Palast).

Now he sets about to ruin government for the entire country.  All the principles that my father and I learned while we were in state and federal, and even local governments, are now null and void.  The Federal Register, Administrative Law, policy and procedure, agency actions, nepotism laws, conflict of interest rules; all are to be bypassed and thrown onto the ash pile of history.  Checks and balances be dammed.

I wrote about it before and it was really saying that Republicans had changed our country for the worst.  Now it is just one deficient guy:

Any one of these substantiated charges against Trump would make you think twice about keeping a friend or a leader; yet, he is forgiven and his shocking actions are minimized by his supporters even before the charges are fully understood or judged in the public square, or at a very minimum the court of public opinion.

We have a very perverse society, when this betrayer has been held up as a model to be emulated.  That so many people still align themselves with this very seriously deficient human being and worship him like you would a Satan-pretender; this may be the greatest American tragedy of all.  The truly saddest thing is he has gotten away with it all.