This is all just one big joke.  Really hugeeeh!

In fact, when Donald J. Trump is inaugurated, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will hold out the Bible and when Donnie goes to put his hand there— he’ll quickly pull it away, over and over again, just like the slapstick of the Three Stooges.  The classic comedians of our youth—-yuck, yuck, yuck!   After all, the SCOTUS is a joke ever since their Bush Versus Gore decision where the 14th Amendment that is never invoked was used and the written decision can never be used as precedence in any other case.

It shall be a great awakening of the comedic age, when humor replaces facts and logic—and even knowledge—because hell, what do you need that for when we will all be brainwashed by the Alt-Right and Russian’s fake news.  Pepe the Frog and Breitbart will be laughing all the way to the bank.

We will all be laughing when the polar ice caps melt, the forests all burn down, and 141 species of animals go extinct because of Climate Change.  This is a laughable Chinese hoax.  Those yellow bastards are always pulling our leg, and our fearless leader alerted us to that.

We will all be laughing when the stock markets crash, the Federal Reserve pulls the cork on the money supply, and Wall Street comes after our pensions, mortgages, and rainy day funds.  The Billionaires Club in the Trump Administration will be the cheerleaders for taking everything we have.  Yeah team!  So much fun…..

We went all through the most humorous Presidential Campaign where Saturday Night Live kept us in stitches.  It was so funny, many of us never woke up to go vote.  One guy in the skits was named the orange pussygrabber.  So hilarious!

Then the campaign had the most comical slogans and chants: drain the swamp, build the wall, lock her up, Pepe the Frog, Lame Stream Media, MAGA will win—Making America Great Again—yeah, like we ever went out of the number one slot in the world.  What a fun bunch of guys that the liberals labeled dangerous; like we would lose our Civil Rights or something?  Yeah, right we are brainwashed…..

This is all just one big joke.  Not real like Reality Television.  Not real like Fake News.  Not real like the college of hard knocks.

The media treated Trump unfairly.  So suck this MSM—you guys lie.  FBI also and CIA lies.  The only Truth is Trump!  Trump Towers forever!

The absolute funniest parts of our lives will be when Donnie, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan meet and work together.  We’ll be laughing as they privatize Social Security and Medicare and make all those old people and one’s faking it in wheelchairs go back to work!  Donnie has a stand-up act where he mocks the disabled at rallies.  What a riot!  What a guy!

Let’s have some very extreme fun at the expense of others (especially those greedy minorities)!  GLT what is that a new sandwich?  Yeah, I bet it is.  Those Homos aren’t funny, they don’t even belong in America, that is why 32 states are trying to outlaw them.  And let’s tease women; aren’t they all just getting too fat and lazy—what happened to keeping them barefoot and pregnant, and in the kitchen canning tomatoes?).   This country was built by and for male WASPs (do we need some Raid now?).  See you are laughing!

Yes, the Electoral College failed in its duty on December 19, 2016, to weed out the “incompetent and unqualified President-Elect” because they felt threatened.  But oh shucks it is all a big joke anyway; let’s laugh now before the crying and absolute pain starts.