I am not seeing the leadership qualities that one would expect of someone becoming President of the United States of America.  Or just those qualities and finer moments that our past Presidents have had.  Many were not that qualified, but the office and the staff, made them at least look Presidential—not like a bad joke.  Or even the qualities and character of a major military general or major CEO of General Motors.  These positions demand HUGE (putting it in his words) abilities because they are tough jobs.  But now it is more like that childish branch manager of a small store who got where he got because of family ties and is WAY OVER HIS HEAD.  He is just a disaster waiting to fail.

But this country does not deserve or NEED this.

All I am asking at this point (December 26th), is even just one tweet’s worth of some type of substance or assurance.  In all reality, it should be a series of detailed and heartfelt speeches saying: “I am the President-Elect and I know that many people did not vote for me and do not support me, but I am the President of all the people.  I ask for a chance to represent all of the “We The People.”  I know on Inauguration Day there will be huge crowds of protestors who dislike me and my cabinet but I ask for your support.  In return I promise to listen and step out of my billionaire shoes and really try to understand where people who are really hurting—stand…..”

Trump stands as the puppet of Putin right now.  It is not clear if a foreign government interfered in our election (RIGGED) and put in a well-trained Russian agent.  It is not clear if his foreign investments and creditors are in fact foreign entanglements running contrary to the U.S. Constitution (Emoluments Clause).

Many people are doing the paper clip or Pepe the Frog as logos and are lining up to take sides.  This is NOT what we need.

People are saying he is: “Not My President” and I am tending to agree with them.  I am a little bit hopeful, so I term it: Not My President (UNTIL….).   UNTIL he does something that is worthy of being President.  But Donald J. Trump really leaves no options on the table.  He fails to communicate to the “others.”  Running around the country in political rally-styled appearances and picking the most inept and extreme cabinet appointees: he only adds gasoline to the fire; salt to the wounds; and bad memories to an awful election cycle.  He needs to bring value to this country and not destruction; and he needs to bring inspiration and love to this country, not devastation and hate.  His legacy as of this moment is not victory but fear.  If you the reader, or he, cannot see this then we do live in two separate countries.   But then it is even more imperative for citizen Trump to act and Heal this Nation.  The Tweets and campaign-like rallies of a thank-you tour are just not cutting it and in fact, are making it much worse both at home and abroad.

Women who comprise 51% of this nation, most had their hearts set on a women President—and when it didn’t happen they were very devastated; Latinos who comprise 14% of this nation, were extremely fearful of Trump’s rhetoric against them; Blacks who comprise 10% of this nation, were also fearful of Trump’s joking about them at each rally—“where’s my Black guy—there you are“; Muslims some 2-5 million are still in fear of discrimination and deportation; the disabled, people on the ACA, people on Social Security or veterans programs—all are fearful and DISTRUSTFUL of a Trump Presidency because he attacked them ALL on the campaign trail.  The only ones comfortable with his talk are billionaires and Nazi’s—less than 5% of this nation?  He has a lot of work to do…..

Whose President is Trump?  Certainly the billionaires who were all millionaires before the 1929 Republican Great Depression and 2008 Republican Great Recession would benefit from a return of poor houses, slavery and the Glided Age (Trump’s apartment in the Trump Towers in glided).  Nazi’s benefit from the suspension of the constitution and the suppression of newspapers that trump alludes to.  Trump’s Tweets to Russia, China, Turkey and Japan show he is more comfortable communicating internationally than in his own country.  These two groups really have no investment in the American way of life—and a total disruption of the economy, government, and the Internet would benefit their hold on complete power.  It is like they are rooting against you the reader.   Whose President is Trump?

Right now, this is all we have from him:

On November 13th the President elect’s team was already warning Trump critics to be “careful” about the way they criticize Trump:


Then threats:



Is this all really PRESIDENTIAL?

In all fairness to Mr. Trump, I never heard this on Election Eve: Look he did say something positive the first day: http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/11/09/trump-speaks-after-election-victory-it-time-us-come-together

“Bridge the division”

“It is time for us to come together….”

But ABSOLUTELY nothing since that date?