The greatest Enemy of the Nation is not “Islamic Radical Terrorists”, it is Donald J. Trump because of his actions since November 8, 2016 and his picks for a cabinet. He has clearly signaled that he will put his personal profits and those of the billionaire class above all else. I say enemy of the nation because he is beyond an enemy of the state (the political structure), and beyond an enemy of the people (the We The People and the working classes)—he is an enemy of the animals (endangered species, etc.) that inhabit our land mass, the vegetation (biosphere), the natural resources and the entire landscape which are all just elements of exploitation to him and his ilk.

His opposition and that of his cabinet to Climate Change mitigation is our evidence.

In looking at the December 7th, 2016 Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary remembrance at Pearl Harbor, host Admiral Harry B. Harris spoke. He is a half-White half-Japanese soldier, who frankly should know better. Yet, he said about the flag and patriotism that “we stand whenever the flag is around not sit or take a knee.” This is a tremendous slap in the face to his second in command a Black Rear Admiral. He is saying that “Black Lives Do Not Matter.” The most upsetting thing about this statement is that it began the first standing ovation to his comments. I thought wow this is the bastion of the secret Trump supporters in the military. People that must of hated the eight years under Obama the first Black Commander-in-Chief. Insurrection.