Todd Ringler has written an editorial titled: A call to lay down our weapons in  It is a really good piece:

Todd has captured the way our society works best; and Thomas alludes to how our systems politicial and governmental work best by compromise.  Also, I would like it to be this way and try to be an optimist and follow the Golden Rule.  But it just ain’t happening now:

1. Our Free Enterprise system has slipped into a deep Disaster Capitalism that Naomi Klein writes about in her book of the same name. Whereby it is more profitable (and a lot faster) NOT to make a quality product, treat your workers right and sell it—but to come forward with the product and then go bankrupt taking all your investors money with you and then using the U.S. Pension Guarantee Company to consume the worker’s pensions and shift the burden to the U.S. Government.
2. Certainly the movie the Big Short spells this out where Wall Street: bets against bets against bets, against the housing market (mortgages) in the derivatives market.  There were no business ethics here.
3. The “checks and balances” our Founding Fathers wrote into our Constitutionally-limited representative Democratic Republic (the term accepted by a majority of our law professors) have been recently circumvented by the GOP controlled Congress since 2010 (and the Courts since 2000).
4. This is all in fulfillment of the formal Republican strategies of domination:
A. The demonization of minorities or ordinary people, like you and I, in order to win elections, has been the “winning formula” of Republicans for the last 4 decades and no one EVER talks about it. If they did—Republicans would be extremely exposed and easy defeated every single election. The “opposition” to Blacks and Hippies was organized by “Law and Order” Nixon: and The pattern is repeated even today:
B. Forty-five years ago this week (8-24-1971), a single memo written by Lewis Powell kicked off the corporate takeover of the US government and inspired a generation of think tanks, lobbyists, and dirty money:
C. The top-secret Republican strategies have been used over and over EVERY election since 1960: class warfare (; Dog Whistle politics (; the Southern Strategy (; and the War on Women ( The ultimate goals of these often time divergent strategies are to achieve the Two Santa Claus Theory (
D. The whole complicated and hidden motive (strategy) is perhaps best summarized by Grover Norquist’s quote: “I’m not in favor of abolishing the government—I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub;”and his “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” (
5. People might say this can’t happen, but when one political party (the Republicans) controls the Presidency, House, Senate, Supreme Court and lower courts, media, Wall Street, religion, states, local government, billionaires, voting system, etc.—there is literally no one in power to STOP it. No checks and balances like the Founding Fathers envisioned. Eventually, as the feeding frenzy subsides and those that didn’t get any or enough of a fill will complain, then some action might be taken in a few years.
6. Republicans haven’t really changed their stripes in this whole time period (say since 1960). They get elected and literally kill off the poor, destroy the middle class and get us entangled in war after war—while they make huge profits at it, and then bring the veterans back with no services for them and generally bankrupt the economy.
7. The Armchair quarterbacks are out and saying Obama achieved nothing in eight years. Well, through the board rooms and the Republican Party caucuses Obama was hamstrung from day one to achieve anything for the We The People. Obama was blocked at every turn by actions of the GOP:
There was even a Republican meeting in Miami in 2009 against Obama funded by billionaires where South Carolina Senator Jim Demint and Texas Senator John Cornyn debated and Demint won evoking a “scored earth” policy against Obama.

How really can we forget this stuff and play nice again?

Sure have this as a model and a ideal to live our lives by.  But that engagement he talks about is going to have to be carried out Guerrilla War style now until the #45 makes some attempt to reach out to the majority of Americans who question his leadership style and ability to govern in the best interests of the nation and not just from his own fortune.