The Ethics of the GOP are in the News: are an interesting subject.

But then Trump came to the rescue of America:

Both lawyers and doctors were taught formal ethics courses back in the day (Spinoza?).  I don’t think it is the case anymore…..

Most professions require that a code of ethics be signed off on.  I know New Mexico state government requires an ethics course be taken and a paper signed off on.  Often that paper winds up in court/hearing when an employee crosses the line.  With the rise of the Dominionists ( in American politics—as long as you do it in the name of God and to fulfill a better purpose you can rape and pillage the land—and heck even murder would be acceptable.  Not sure how many in Congress are practicing Dominionists but for awhile many Tea Party types were and the Senators living on C-Street at the “Family House” (is that right name?—, seemed to be.  But we never supposed that politicians would be ethical.

But surely ministers are:


Oh well, never mind……