In titling this piece “What Did IT Say Today?” I went through a series on iterations on trying to nail down the most meaningful title.

Actually starting off with: What Did the Idiot Say Today?  Because he is so stupid about the Tweets he does and moves he makes.  Then I thought, well, maybe he is smart about what he is trying to achieve through the Tweet distractions or attacks.  Trying to achieve a chaos so that other more devastating policies can be enacted.

So then I asked: What Did the Bully Say Today?  Because he does bully people in these Tweets and through his Executive Orders.  If he devoted as much time to learning his job,  as he does to attacking anyone who criticizes him, then maybe I wouldn’t have to write this article at all.

Then I thought , well maybe, I am not capturing the full extent of his personality, so I came up with: What Did the Jerk Say Today?  Because his public persona is truly a disgraceful display.

    Then I ranged through:

What Did the Fake Say Today?

What Did the Braggart Say Today?

What Did the IT Say Today?

What Did He Say Today?

Because in the end it is all so meaningless to us and even him. This isn’t the job he expected it was going to be: