So I was watching this movie today:

In it Hitler had always said that everything he was acquiring or doing was for the German people and he never wanted to take wealth for himself. So people donated to him as an way to have him spend more time working for the Nazi Party in the early years. No one knew he copyrighted the book Mein Kampf and was getting 10% of the book’s price at 10-12 Reichsmarks, which was higher priced than most books.  When people got married they got a “free” copy of Main Kampf, which in reality the German Government was buying.  One guy on Hitler’s staff handled book sales and deposited the money in Swiss Banks.  By 1938, it amounted to $200,000 Euros.  International book sales opened up and there became like six versions written in different styles (because Hitler’s original is a very dry and convoluted read).  By the end of the war it was over two million Euros.

Hitler never showed his tax returns and claimed he lived in poverty because he was like a priest married to the German state.  Turns out he was all about the money and never paid taxes as required.  He simply marked through the tax returns as not applicable and sent them in.  Almost like Trump.


For the allies in May 1945 it was important to seize all this wealth for possible reparations and to expose the lies Hitler told.  Many loyal Germans were devoted to Hitler because the myth was he was devoted to the German people, when in reality the whole thing was to make a fast buck.  The British uncovered the Will and Last Testament and pursued debunking the myth and discrediting Hitler for the madman he was and not a loyal public servant.

I have written up this Hitler stuff because it was so much like Trump’s accumulation of wealth. If there are some good parallels, I will share. He wound up with over 100 resorts in Germany that people would stay at and sometimes pay him when they had business in front of the German state (Trump’s violation of the Emoluments clause in the Constitution).

Hitler built tunnels under everything for defensive purposes.  Often because he had survived so many assignation attempts.  Albert Speer was a master architect and designed most projects.   But Martin Norman who was the number four guy in the party was in charge of so many projects like the Wolf’s Lair and the Eagle’s Nest.   He had his own henchmen involved in the planning, much like Trump’s Mafia connections in construction, and took kickbacks from the raw costs.