From DDD: “I think we might be headed for a bloody civil war. Unfortunately, the ones with all the arms and arsenals (NRA members) are willing to kill us to support their maniacal leader (Trump)… and laws are even now being proposed in congress that will eventually make it perfectly legal for them to do that.

DDD, It would be a Civil War if we had that Mason-Dixon line of old—a clear distinction between north and south blue and red. Now even families are split. The “Enemy” is not as clear; in fact, those people in the Rust Belt states that went for Trump will come to realize he is not on their side.

I’m not saying it will no longer be violent. What is happening is these attacks by Trump supporters on immigrants, gays, Muslims, others—to the tune of thousands since the election, when frustrated people who have hidden from society now come out and say to an immigrant in a grocery store: “go back to Mexico” (Stats from the Southern Poverty Law Center).  The funny thing is many of the people are in fact U.S. Citizens from India or Saudi Arabia—just happen to look a little brown….. How does it become okay from these “Christians” to attack people they don’t know.  Jesus teaches Love Thy Neighbor.

I think a lot of these people are in fact insane or brainwashed. You can’t listen to Fox, Rush, Michael Weiner, Breitbart, Mark Levine, Laura Ingraham, for twenty years and not “Hate the Other.”  Case in point: even though Ryan’s mom was on Food Stamps because when his dad died the multi-millionaire grandpa cut them off. This background should make a very compassionate man not a Ayn Rand jerk. Pence is very religious but in his policy follows none of Jesus’ teachings. What is up with that?