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I think it could be done with $4-500 billion instead of $597 plus Trump’s $56. You realize of course the black operations the ones off the books and with CIA have always costed about the size of the defense budget itself, another $500 billion. Trump’s proposal is to build those expensive weapon systems that each congressional district gets a piece of so no one can vote against you.  We need to ask ourselves are we ever going to fight WWII again? Because the military kind of has that structure. We pay about 10,000 extra officers, so that we can fill out empty divisions quickly with leadership, and most salaries are over $100,000. This is because it is hardest to train officers when you want to field 100 divisions for the invasions of Germany and Japan. But this ain’t going to happen anymore. We need small mobile guerrilla units to fight Terrorists. Pay the front line soldier and his family more. Instead of more planes and aircraft carriers at hundreds of millions a pop, invest in better small arms and drones. We still don’t have the German rifle in WWII that they used in house to house in Russia that shoots around corners. You never have to stick your head out to kill the other guy.

Defense Spending has always been full of waste and you could pay front line troops a bonus to eliminate it.  They would be on it in a flash.  A big portion is eliminating contractors.  My friends who retired from the Army at $60,000 a year, come back as contractors for their old job at $180,000 a year.