My other Cousin (not the Tea Party one from the other side of the family) has supported the GOP all her adult life.   There have been times, she has been very proud to a GOP supporter but ultimately these highs descend into the lowest of political lows: Watergate, Iran-Contra Gate, Scooter Libby’s Iraq-Gate and now Russia-Gate.

From its humble beginnings in 1856 and the election of Lincoln in 1860, to Teddy Roosevelt and “I like Ike” in 1952—there have been good times, and a reputation so pure it is something we can look up to even today in our desperate times.  But in reality, there has never been an American political party so corrupt as the Republicans (the New Mexico connection to the Teapot Dome Scandal, my dad taught me).  But then the whole concept of turning over government to rich men to take care of the rest of us, is a flawed theory.

When she worked for Vice President Richard Milhouse Nixon’s election in 1968, it made the family very proud, especially since those Democrats couldn’t control their own convention in Chicago (  Our mutual grandparents came from a long line of New York City Democrats who helped the immigrant populations.  But they had been voting Republican since General Eisenhower (I Like Ike).  Her parents, very religious, followers of Billy Graham’s cues to back the GOP.  So when it came time to register to vote she registered Republican in 1970 when she was 21.

Then in 1972, my cousin again volunteered for President Nixon’s campaign.  The Watergate break-in made no sense to her because clearly the President was going to win re-election.  Then the depths of deceit set in.

So the latest round of Trump connections to the Russians is worrisome to her.   No more bragging about how Trump pulled it out.  Sometimes my cousin seems very distraught; with her only hope being the installation of Mike Pence after the impeachment of Trump.