The August 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) was given at the Bush Ranch. “Obama likely to hit within U.S.” was title and referred to the old Sheik’s attack in New York as the likely target (World Trade Towers or financial district to cripple U.S. economy).  Planes might be used. Connect the dots—Bushy….but instead he said to the agents, “you’ve covered your butts now go back to Washington.”  Plus we owe him Katrina Hurricane response and 2008 Republican Great Recession.  We all knew Georgie wanted a war to make his legacy:

NOTE: Now the PDB is thrown onto a table by Trump at Mar del Largo and he offers it to any guest.

Herbert Hoover: 1929 Republican Great Depression.

Ronald Reagan: Trickle Down Economics was a fake concept admitted budget director David Stockdale in his book.  He had no idea if it could work.

But they all pale in comparison to Trump…..