As each day passes and more information comes out on Russia-Gate, we find that “All Roads Lead to Moscow.”

Jared Kushner under the greatest investigation of his life for Russian ties, has many roads leading to Moscow.

Jared Kushner, son-in–law, is only looking out for the family business, and must obtain loans for that business or funds to develop new hotels and properties.  The Trump Family has chosen to go abroad to look for funding and has in Russia found an untapped pool of over $10 trillion.

The need for foreign money comes from Donald John Trump’s extremely very poor business practices of: bankruptcy, filing 3,500 lawsuits, cheating workers out of pay, hiring Polish immigrants and then calling the INS on them on payday, breaking union contracts, violating other contracts, failing to fully pay suppliers, and in general bullying and bragging about how good of a businessman he is.  No American bank can afford the “risk” that a Trump loan carries with it, or the knock to their own reputation because the loan applicant is so corrupt.  The “Art of the Deal” (the title of his book) is in lying and cheating people—plain and simple.  A practice that continues in his governance style.

We need to remember where all this Russian money came from.  It was never made from honest work.  It is from the Russian mafia and it’s activities like: prostitution, numbers games, gambling, theft, fraud, extortion, money laundering, and murder for hire.  So the Trump family must to held to moral account and possible criminal account for those Russian crimes which generated these mass fortunes: when a business owner refused to let the mafia into its ownership and he was murdered; when a prostitute passes on a STD; when a father gambles way the family rent; when a shipment of goods is hijacked from the open market and the prices to average families must rise; things possibly too awful to mention here; etc.

People who profit from the sins of others are in the eyes of God guilty of those sins also.

People burn in hell for this type of behavior……

Good riddance Donnie……