Joe the Libertarian feels he spend too much for funding government.  He says:

“The question remains, what and how much should the government fund? Police, fire, roads…those are pretty easy to say yes to, but to what level? (The recent NMPolitics article on the Hobbs PD is a good example.). We obviously need functional roads, but do we need ART? [Albuquerque Rapid Transit project] To what function do art (sculptures) provide? “They’re pretty” may be true, but are far from a necessity. Dog parks? I like dog parks. I use dog parks. But I also have a backyard. Should those who don’t have a dog, or a dog that goes to a park, pay tax dollars so those that do have a place to take them?

Should a government fund Medicaid? Medicare? And to what level? Both were created in 1965, obviously we survived before then. Medicare at least we are forced into funding a part of our salary. Same for social security.

As for raising the minimum wage, want to earn $15 an hour, get a skill worth $15 an hour.”

Before 1965 we were also dying earlier; and working until the day we dropped. So now we have a lot of really old people not working, needing health care. Without Medicare you could probably kill 20-40 million Americans–good going Joe…..

Without Medicaid people will not be able to afford medical care so Joe C is more likely to be exposed to disease that have basically left the American scene and only third world countries have: Tuberculosis, Encephalitis, diseases from sewage like hookworm, etc.—good thinking Joe…..maybe we can kill another 50 million!  At some point the society ceases to function without these workers and consumers.  In fact, Health Care has been the leading growth industry since ObamaCare was passed.

So if you have 23,000 employees subject to furlough they are going to stop purchasing, then their spouses will also and the two children. Their parents might start saving a nest egg to help them make it thru. Suddenly, over 100,000 people are not buying—how does that affect the N.M. economy? Good going Guv!

Tourism is an industry that has been with us a while. It might to a solution to our financial woes. But under the Governor’s plans she wants to close State Parks, Museums, and rest stops. Things that attract tourists. All her plans are designed to force us into a depression. I am surprised she did not suggest that the State Highway Department stop clearing the snow on the state highways to the ski basins. After all she likes Utah skiing better anyway. and boom and bust cycles.

“Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” – Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.