The problem with electing a CEO as president? The government isn’t a business –– and we shouldn’t run it like one. – in a video by Fusion.
So many Trump Voters say they picked their guy because he is a “great businessman.”  “He is worth so much, $9 billion”—-not realizing that this is debt and apparently at least one billion held by Russians (who are still our Cold War enemies).  “Someone who has run a multi-billion dollar empire is better than a Freshman Senator“–not realizing that those Senators have run smack into Senate Rules of Decorum, Committee hearings and the U.S. Constitution amongst other things (issues that may have helped in passing a TrumpCare bill).
Daddy rose from Fred Trump’s fortune in New York City.  A slumlord who overcharged people for poor living conditions.  Donnie received a $1 million loan from dad to start a company.  Then he received $13 million in a gift. Then another $330 million upon dad’s death in 2000. So receiving $344 million in 2000 at 10% interest he should have billions in cash.  He is unfortunately one of the worst businessmen in history.  His business acumen is probably one of the most cited qualifications by Trump voters.  But is it?
Trump also runs the business as a sole proprietor and not as a corporation where there is oversight of the CEO and periodic and continuous reporting to state and federal entities.  They sell no stock in Trump Industries and therefore do not have to report to stockholders like a President must report to taxpayers.  In Sum, no accountability.  
His business structure is with all his kids and their spouses, so that the business leadership can be deemed to be all ‘Yes Men.’  Who objectively is there to say: “this is a stupid idea.”  Or an illegal idea?  Maybe even an immoral idea; because we expect a lot from our presidents—not a little.
Because he is such a “great” businessman he has driven all his financing overseas:  To the point that American banks are afraid of the “risk” he poises (this overseas encumbrances are illegal under federal government laws for officials).
His model of his business is also unfortunately how he has structured his government team.  Who objectively is there to say: “this is a stupid and illegal idea, daddy“?

Trump has mocked the Golden Rule: “Do unto others, as you would have them do onto you.”  He has shattered the conventional business model, which implores that it’s benefactors have some form of marginal business ethics.

His betrayals are against the norms and absolute limits of a just and reasonable society:

  • He has turned normal dating into a rape-a-rama.  He has redefined misogyny to be a goal for business and political leaders since he is lauded for it.
  • His cabinet picks are not only the most unqualified, they would be enough to void a probationer’s ability to stay out of prison.
  • He lies.
  • He deals in the abuse of immigrants like when he imported hundreds of Polish workers to work on his building in America, then got them deported.  He has even abused the legal status of his two immigrant wives.
  • He has made a “joke” of our legal system by the 3,500 lawsuits he is a party to.
  • In business, he threatened competitors with his “New York Mafia connections.”
  • He has no stake in our country with so many foreign investments it doesn’t matter if the country sinks.  He has failed to participate in local matters (like being appointed to a historic buildings advisory board) other than taking potshots and tweets from Trump Towers.  He pays no taxes and will not share this information with us; and does it with no guilt.  Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said the contract with the American people was to: “pay taxes to live in a civilized society.”
No Trump is neither a “Great Businessman” nor an effective one.  This has translated right into his governance style; he is neither GREAT nor effective.  It is time to LEARN the BASICS of government or RESIGN.  It is just the facts of our society.
Another person’s comment:
I think one silver lining of this “business man” in politics is it does shed some light about how we can redefine and restructure what “business” means , e.g. evolving to “triple bottom line ” models that hold people and planet on the same level of importance as profit — that way less “CEO’s” will have to retreat to the can with their constipation and hair die and twitter box and daddy issues as they begin to understand that teams work better when everyone is valued for their particular skills instead of “what have you done for me lately”.  It’s like going from the pyramid model to the circular one that orbits around common values and is carried out by individuals with different skills and experience — it’s a bit lofty and idealistic — but trump is doing us a favor by shattering the illusion that those at the top don’t still need shit like plumbing — shits getting stanky in Washington and I’m okay with that today !