Some Trump supporter and Libertarian posted this on Facebook:

“Government can not create jobs….And yet bigger government is not the answer….private sector my friend.  Government needs to step out of its way.”

It is a meme that continually shows up with many Tea Party types. Those misguided souls who are in a political party funded by the Koch Brothers who really don’t want to pay any taxes, or have any regulations.  To the ultra-rich billionaires the free-for-all is the one the want most in the market place and is when they profit the most by pitting the small people against each other.

Just look what is happening in China without a strong regulatory environment. Companies are being told they can’t release toxins into the water, land or air like they use to. So other companies charge them a fee to include the toxins in their products like baby food and pet food. About 100 babies and 1,000 dogs died in the United States in early 2000’s when it was found that companies were including mercury, lead and arsenic in their products in small doses. In cement and steel, they are including radioactive materials and heavy metals. The CEO’s of the company were put to death. But this would happen here if it was a way of to make a quick profit. Private Sector is always right until it kills you the reader….

Privatization of schools and prisons ALWAYS results in higher cost. The price comes in cheap and then rises. Prison companies were feeding prisoners for an average of 35 cents a day and it caused medical problems to the tune of millions to the state. Often through lawsuits the state loses the big bucks. The only people that get the contracts are the GOP campaign contributors–so it is a vicious circle of inefficiency and collusion.