It is working!

“Americans First” not “America First” is the real Trump Credo, it is the way he is running the country and the way he ran his businesses.  America First was the theme of the “Make America Great Again” campaign; but is sorely so far from the truth or the hidden intent of the Alt Right and the Trump Crowd.

Americans First: what this means is Trump takes total advantage of American workers first: by hiring foreigners in his hotels, by buying ties made in China to be a part of his Trump line, and by duping average people’s dreams to become rich through the legally-proven fraudulent Trump University.   In each action of his famous business acumen, he has served his own secret “Americans First” agenda and not that of We The People.  Whether it be by paying no taxes and shifting the tax burden to you the reader, or pussy-grabbing according to the claims of 11 women and then publicly supporting Bill O’Reilly in his sexual harassment suits from 12 women at Fox News.  Americans First is the way the Trump Towers were built when Polish Workers were brought in from Poland and then deported on payday when Trump called in the INS, or when the Atlantic City Hotels were built and staffed with foreign workers.  The sheets and towels of all Trump properties are made in Indonesia and China; once again showing the Americans First policy of giving us the shaft first.

On April 23rd’s ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulis, the defenders of Trump came out and said everything is fine and Trump is accomplishing so much as President.   Failed Newt Gingrich stated that Trump will go down in history as the best president and he is only being opposed by the Mainstream Media and the Coastal Elites.  The only elites here are Trump who as a billionaire actively holds down average people and Newt who through his Congressional career took the Wall Street side against you the reader and profited quite handsomely.  A poll on the show said that 96% of Trump voters said they would vote for him again, and there is no buyer’s remorse.  HELP!

Making average people the victims of his unstoppable greed is the “Plan.”  We are just the fodder for his (Wag The Dog) wars and profit-taking.  No one matters to this megalomaniac but himself.

Americans First: applies when Trump knowingly involved the Russians in the 2016 election and accepted billions in funding from them in his worldwide properties.  Trump is so “Americans First” that he has literally become a Russian Agent.