So why the title: “The GOP Wants To Keep You From Being Rich“?, well, isn’t this the reason you went for them in 2016?  The chance that you too might be a millionaire.  The political party picked a populist to lead their charge; a political neophyte that had a ghostwriter write up his book Art of the Deal to celebrate his supposed business acumen and his brilliant take no prisoner’s style.  This was able to launch his reality star television career of the Apprentice where he could say one very simple phrase: “you’re fired.”  When you look at it all in retrospect it is a very shallow persona they fell for.

Millions who voted for Trump thought that they would be given a chance in the economic game that has dealt them out of the game for so long.  Especially, those in the Rust Belt which soundly rejected Democrats in 2016.  The meme “Draining the Swamp” sounded like a way to restore a level playing field.

The GOP has for years taught you to hate the word Democrats and even used subliminal television advertising (mind control) to label them as “Rats.”  Further, they corrupted the term “Liberal” to mean it the exact opposite off what it is.  All people should aspire to be liberals—this is the ultimate highest form of human achievement (See my Blog Definition of Liberal: In fact, Jesus Christ was a liberal.  So the entire “brand” of the Republican Party is wrapped around misleading ordinary people to get them to vote against their own best interests.  To this end they employ Frank Luntz who convenes focus groups and tests out the GOP message for months and even years before it is ready for primetime.  So it is all very phony and developed very secretively.  For example, instead of estate tax (the exact name in the tax code), it is rebranded as the evil Death Tax.  People are manipulated beyond their own recognition or capacity to see they are being used against their own best interests.


Because the GOP goals are so very sinister, deeply self-serving, and deliberately malice against the very people they intend to defraud by accepting their vote; in fact it is so bad and wrong—legal actions should be taken against the Republican Party.  Let’s look at the issues of: Health Care, Housing, Pensions, Education and Jobs (usually the primary issues of a campaign and how the Democratic Party has aligned itself with its base), the GOP rigs all of these against the non-rich—say the 1%.  The GOP must pass laws and budgets and create slogans that will take away the average person’s ability to achieve these things or to work to change things for the better and the common good of our society.   For example:

1. Health Care: the insurance industries are really an unnecessary cog getting in between a doctor and a patient.  But this is a huge financial industry that makes huge campaign contributions to the GOP.  Let everyone have free health care like the top forty countries of the developed world do (at lower cost than our system—and at better quality—yes, we have slipped from the number one status of the 1980’s to 35th or so), and let insurance companies issue policies on preferred care and private rooms, and air service, etc.  Those premium services that drive up costs and separate the ultra-rich from the rest of us.  I would prefer to nationalize it but that is a fight…..

2. Housing: as in The Big Short

    • is another snake pit where the American Dream is turned over to the wolves of Wall Street. You are at their mercy in the complications of financing and dealing with the banksters. Where ownership of housing is difficult for a population of people (like minorities or the poor); renting tends to totally attack the assets of this class. The connection to the GOP monster is of course through campaign contributions. Fox News/Rush Limbaugh and right wing hate radio will say that the Dems also get the money but it is a 80% GOP to 20% Dems split. These same listeners say: “

see there is no difference between the parties

    • ;” to which I and all of us must respond:

    No, the GOP is four times as bad


3. Pensions:Pensions are a target of Wall Street—the wolves are ready to pounce privatized government pensions (maybe through the Pension Guarantee Agency), which were the most secure in the past. This is termed by Wall Street as Trump’s biggest disappointment to them (that he didn’t turn over the money of these funds and security security to them). The stock market rally to 21,000 was fueled by this shark feeding frenzy—smelling the blood in the water of the average person.

4. Education: the system is being destroyed by the “freedom of choice” that the GOP invokes: charter schools, vouchers, restrictive teacher evaluations, class size, and testing—all things that seem designed to improve the overall system—bit are actually intended to divert the best and brightest teachers and students to leave a cesspool of failure. Union busting, as at the U.S. Postal Service, is a main goal of the GOP because unions mainly vote for Democrats. No Child Left Behind a GOP plan done with Senator Ted Kennedy was good until the GOP cut out all the funding. It became a Vouchers take away the ever increasingly limited funding. Salaries became less competitive but maybe it is because this is primarily a woman’s field….

5. Jobs:This topic is probably the primary driver of voting but the GOP talks about this but really wants you to be fearful about holding or obtaining a job—they do things to drive wages down in a cycle of the “race to the bottom.” Immigrants are a favorite target of the GOP but in fact are a secret mechanism to drive the wages they pay down further.

Reagan in 1981 invented terms like Supply-Side Economics to bamboozle you.

These guys in the GOP are liars and cruel to the bone, they purport to care about you but actually your death puts your assets into play for them.

We need to remember just who the GOP are:

1. The billionaires who met in Miami in 2009 to debate whether they should sometimes support Obama or totally work against him at every turn. To accomplish the later plan they used Koch Brothers money to start the Tea Party.

2. etc.

Maybe this really should of been titled: “The GOP wants you Dead”—because this would serve their goals the best.