Thom Hartman on his May 25th, 2017 radio show said that our country will not be destroyed by Donald Trump but we shall simply return to a 1920’s America—the roaring twenties of the history books that vastly benefitted the rich and set up an inevitable complete failure of the economic system.  Behind the good times of the 20’s was an extreme poverty and inequality.  Civil unrest started and political parties like communists, socialists and trade unionists spread up everywhere.  Out of this and the Republican Great Depression of 1929 came FDR’s New Deal.  So maybe a New New Deal will result from the decline of Trump….

In historical America times have been very hard, despite being the “land of opportunity” and having an “American Dream;” our country has been ruled by an evil elite that makes money by holding all others down.  We need to think back that Slavery only ended in 1865, and that then a whole system of discrimination keeping Blacks out of prosperity was then instituted which officially ruled the South until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and then went “underground.”   The Irish and Italians were subjected to being indentured servants to pay for their passage to this country from their home countries until just before 1900.

Life was a very hard proposition back in the 1800’s:

We just need to remember back to the Concessions won by  coal miners in their strikes in Pennsylvania in the 1880’s (the 80 hour work week, which was 7-12 hour days and 8 hours on Sunday so miners could attend church with their families; and a minimum wage to be negotiated and paid—previous to this a wage was offered but tool usage, shoring and explosives were charged against the miners salary).  After the loss of some 364 miners’ lives from strike-busting and the loss of 2,703 lives from mine accidents in the decade 1876-1887; miners struck again across the state in 1887.  Additional safety concessions were won including using more expensive hard woods for mine shoring instead of cheaper and weaker woods.

So things were much worse back then and enabled the Ultra-Rich in this country to become the famed Robber Barons of the history books.  Modern elites long for a return to these days and fund the GOP to deliver on this (Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, etc.).  Trump seems to be delivering on a number of their wishes.

There was a nationwide strike called in 1881 for a national minimum wage; however, it did not achieve anything.  When the federal minimum wage first became law in 1938, it was 25 cents.  Adjusted for inflation, that would be worth $4.19 today.

So under Trump we are going back to the way things were.