Think 2016 was a bad election?  Just wait.

Jason Kander the former Missouri Secretary of State, and of Help America Vote, calls The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, the “Presidential Commission on Implemented Disenfranchisement for the Election Committee of the President.”  He has worked personally with vice chairman, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach at the National Association of Secretary of States and saw where he called Obama’s Presidential Commission on Election Integrity a joke and that he would never serve on such a commission.  Ohhh, how the pot calls the kettle black.  Kander feels that the marching orders of the group are to make voting more difficult for people of color.

President Donald Trump is asking for voter names, addresses, party affiliation and voting records, and more from all 50 states, part of an investigation into voter fraud by a commission he launched last month.  49 states refused to comply with that request: