My Name is William Mee.  I’m a resident of Agua Fria Village a small community 5 miles Southwest of the Santa Fe Plaza, New Mexico.   Our community is designated as a Traditional Historic Community and is fighting for its survival and the ability to thrive…..
I am the President of the Agua Fria Village Association (AFVA), our local neighborhood association, which seeks to protect our Village and to regulate land use and future planning.  Also the AFVA is working on neighborhood watch and water rights issues.
I graduated from the College of Santa Fe in 1980, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration. Did some graduate work at University of New Mexico. I am retired from New Mexico State Government.
Philosophically, if it is possible, I am a liberally-minded fiscal conservative.


I think that the worst excuse in the world is the one that goes: “you can’t fight city hall.”  I might disagree with you, but I support your right to do so, and expect the same courtesy of you to support me.

Thanks for reading this.