Unbelievable.  Not only is his maybe our least informed President, now that he has the job he doesn’t want it! (The sad thing its it shows as he enters a room tells a few jokes and forgets to sign the Executive Order he organized the whole event for.  Or when he allows the incompetence of a Sean Spicer to exist day after day.)


“I loved my previous life. I had so many things going,” Trump told Reuters in an interview. “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

A wealthy businessman from New York, Trump assumed public office for the first time when he entered the White House on Jan. 20 after he defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an upset.

I thought long and hard about what to write about this and it is just overwhelming as a Resistance member.  But I think Dawn says it best: “Image how hard it would be if he actually did his job!!!

For best humor, Robert says:  Playing golf every week-end is tough. particularly when your office is so far from the course.”  Mar al Largo.

For reality check, Debra says: “He should have thought about that before. He was so mad at Obama for roasting him, he wanted to prove he could get his job. But, now, I don’t think he can handle it. Maybe we won’t have to impeach him. Maybe he’ll quit.”


It is working!

“Americans First” not “America First” is the real Trump Credo, it is the way he is running the country and the way he ran his businesses.  America First was the theme of the “Make America Great Again” campaign; but is sorely so far from the truth or the hidden intent of the Alt Right and the Trump Crowd.

Americans First: what this means is Trump takes total advantage of American workers first: by hiring foreigners in his hotels, by buying ties made in China to be a part of his Trump line, and by duping average people’s dreams to become rich through the legally-proven fraudulent Trump University.   In each action of his famous business acumen, he has served his own secret “Americans First” agenda and not that of We The People.  Whether it be by paying no taxes and shifting the tax burden to you the reader, or pussy-grabbing according to the claims of 11 women and then publicly supporting Bill O’Reilly in his sexual harassment suits from 12 women at Fox News.  Americans First is the way the Trump Towers were built when Polish Workers were brought in from Poland and then deported on payday when Trump called in the INS, or when the Atlantic City Hotels were built and staffed with foreign workers.  The sheets and towels of all Trump properties are made in Indonesia and China; once again showing the Americans First policy of giving us the shaft first.

On April 23rd’s ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulis, the defenders of Trump came out and said everything is fine and Trump is accomplishing so much as President.   Failed Newt Gingrich stated that Trump will go down in history as the best president and he is only being opposed by the Mainstream Media and the Coastal Elites.  The only elites here are Trump who as a billionaire actively holds down average people and Newt who through his Congressional career took the Wall Street side against you the reader and profited quite handsomely.  A poll on the show said that 96% of Trump voters said they would vote for him again, and there is no buyer’s remorse.  HELP!

Making average people the victims of his unstoppable greed is the “Plan.”  We are just the fodder for his (Wag The Dog) wars and profit-taking.  No one matters to this megalomaniac but himself.

Americans First: applies when Trump knowingly involved the Russians in the 2016 election and accepted billions in funding from them in his worldwide properties.  Trump is so “Americans First” that he has literally become a Russian Agent.

Some Trump supporter and Libertarian posted this on Facebook:

“Government can not create jobs….And yet bigger government is not the answer….private sector my friend.  Government needs to step out of its way.”

It is a meme that continually shows up with many Tea Party types. Those misguided souls who are in a political party funded by the Koch Brothers who really don’t want to pay any taxes, or have any regulations.  To the ultra-rich billionaires the free-for-all is the one the want most in the market place and is when they profit the most by pitting the small people against each other.

Just look what is happening in China without a strong regulatory environment. Companies are being told they can’t release toxins into the water, land or air like they use to. So other companies charge them a fee to include the toxins in their products like baby food and pet food. About 100 babies and 1,000 dogs died in the United States in early 2000’s when it was found that companies were including mercury, lead and arsenic in their products in small doses. In cement and steel, they are including radioactive materials and heavy metals. The CEO’s of the company were put to death. But this would happen here if it was a way of to make a quick profit. Private Sector is always right until it kills you the reader….

Privatization of schools and prisons ALWAYS results in higher cost. The price comes in cheap and then rises. Prison companies were feeding prisoners for an average of 35 cents a day and it caused medical problems to the tune of millions to the state. Often through lawsuits the state loses the big bucks. The only people that get the contracts are the GOP campaign contributors–so it is a vicious circle of inefficiency and collusion.

The problem with electing a CEO as president? The government isn’t a business –– and we shouldn’t run it like one. – in a video by Fusion.
So many Trump Voters say they picked their guy because he is a “great businessman.”  “He is worth so much, $9 billion”—-not realizing that this is debt and apparently at least one billion held by Russians (who are still our Cold War enemies).  “Someone who has run a multi-billion dollar empire is better than a Freshman Senator“–not realizing that those Senators have run smack into Senate Rules of Decorum, Committee hearings and the U.S. Constitution amongst other things (issues that may have helped in passing a TrumpCare bill).
Daddy rose from Fred Trump’s fortune in New York City.  A slumlord who overcharged people for poor living conditions.  Donnie received a $1 million loan from dad to start a company.  Then he received $13 million in a gift. Then another $330 million upon dad’s death in 2000. So receiving $344 million in 2000 at 10% interest he should have billions in cash.  He is unfortunately one of the worst businessmen in history.  His business acumen is probably one of the most cited qualifications by Trump voters.  But is it?
Trump also runs the business as a sole proprietor and not as a corporation where there is oversight of the CEO and periodic and continuous reporting to state and federal entities.  They sell no stock in Trump Industries and therefore do not have to report to stockholders like a President must report to taxpayers.  In Sum, no accountability.  
His business structure is with all his kids and their spouses, so that the business leadership can be deemed to be all ‘Yes Men.’  Who objectively is there to say: “this is a stupid idea.”  Or an illegal idea?  Maybe even an immoral idea; because we expect a lot from our presidents—not a little.
Because he is such a “great” businessman he has driven all his financing overseas: https://williamhenrymee.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/all-roads-lead-to-moscow/.  To the point that American banks are afraid of the “risk” he poises (this overseas encumbrances are illegal under federal government laws for officials).
His model of his business is also unfortunately how he has structured his government team.  Who objectively is there to say: “this is a stupid and illegal idea, daddy“?

Trump has mocked the Golden Rule: “Do unto others, as you would have them do onto you.”  He has shattered the conventional business model, which implores that it’s benefactors have some form of marginal business ethics.

His betrayals are against the norms and absolute limits of a just and reasonable society:

  • He has turned normal dating into a rape-a-rama.  He has redefined misogyny to be a goal for business and political leaders since he is lauded for it.
  • His cabinet picks are not only the most unqualified, they would be enough to void a probationer’s ability to stay out of prison.
  • He lies.
  • He deals in the abuse of immigrants like when he imported hundreds of Polish workers to work on his building in America, then got them deported.  He has even abused the legal status of his two immigrant wives.
  • He has made a “joke” of our legal system by the 3,500 lawsuits he is a party to.
  • In business, he threatened competitors with his “New York Mafia connections.”
  • He has no stake in our country with so many foreign investments it doesn’t matter if the country sinks.  He has failed to participate in local matters (like being appointed to a historic buildings advisory board) other than taking potshots and tweets from Trump Towers.  He pays no taxes and will not share this information with us; and does it with no guilt.  Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said the contract with the American people was to: “pay taxes to live in a civilized society.”
No Trump is neither a “Great Businessman” nor an effective one.  This has translated right into his governance style; he is neither GREAT nor effective.  It is time to LEARN the BASICS of government or RESIGN.  It is just the facts of our society.
Another person’s comment:
I think one silver lining of this “business man” in politics is it does shed some light about how we can redefine and restructure what “business” means , e.g. evolving to “triple bottom line ” models that hold people and planet on the same level of importance as profit — that way less “CEO’s” will have to retreat to the can with their constipation and hair die and twitter box and daddy issues as they begin to understand that teams work better when everyone is valued for their particular skills instead of “what have you done for me lately”.  It’s like going from the pyramid model to the circular one that orbits around common values and is carried out by individuals with different skills and experience — it’s a bit lofty and idealistic — but trump is doing us a favor by shattering the illusion that those at the top don’t still need shit like plumbing — shits getting stanky in Washington and I’m okay with that today !

Joe the Libertarian feels he spend too much for funding government.  He says:

“The question remains, what and how much should the government fund? Police, fire, roads…those are pretty easy to say yes to, but to what level? (The recent NMPolitics article on the Hobbs PD is a good example.). We obviously need functional roads, but do we need ART? [Albuquerque Rapid Transit project] To what function do art (sculptures) provide? “They’re pretty” may be true, but are far from a necessity. Dog parks? I like dog parks. I use dog parks. But I also have a backyard. Should those who don’t have a dog, or a dog that goes to a park, pay tax dollars so those that do have a place to take them?

Should a government fund Medicaid? Medicare? And to what level? Both were created in 1965, obviously we survived before then. Medicare at least we are forced into funding a part of our salary. Same for social security.

As for raising the minimum wage, want to earn $15 an hour, get a skill worth $15 an hour.”

Before 1965 we were also dying earlier; and working until the day we dropped. So now we have a lot of really old people not working, needing health care. Without Medicare you could probably kill 20-40 million Americans–good going Joe…..

Without Medicaid people will not be able to afford medical care so Joe C is more likely to be exposed to disease that have basically left the American scene and only third world countries have: Tuberculosis, Encephalitis, diseases from sewage like hookworm, etc.—good thinking Joe…..maybe we can kill another 50 million!  At some point the society ceases to function without these workers and consumers.  In fact, Health Care has been the leading growth industry since ObamaCare was passed.

So if you have 23,000 employees subject to furlough they are going to stop purchasing, then their spouses will also and the two children. Their parents might start saving a nest egg to help them make it thru. Suddenly, over 100,000 people are not buying—how does that affect the N.M. economy? Good going Guv!

Tourism is an industry that has been with us a while. It might to a solution to our financial woes. But under the Governor’s plans she wants to close State Parks, Museums, and rest stops. Things that attract tourists. All her plans are designed to force us into a depression. I am surprised she did not suggest that the State Highway Department stop clearing the snow on the state highways to the ski basins. After all she likes Utah skiing better anyway.  http://nmpolitics.net/index/2017/03/an-analysis-of-the-martinez-administrations-tax-cuts/ and boom and bust cycles.

“Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” – Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

As each day passes and more information comes out on Russia-Gate, we find that “All Roads Lead to Moscow.”

Jared Kushner under the greatest investigation of his life for Russian ties, has many roads leading to Moscow.

Jared Kushner, son-in–law, is only looking out for the family business, and must obtain loans for that business or funds to develop new hotels and properties.  The Trump Family has chosen to go abroad to look for funding and has in Russia found an untapped pool of over $10 trillion.

The need for foreign money comes from Donald John Trump’s extremely very poor business practices of: bankruptcy, filing 3,500 lawsuits, cheating workers out of pay, hiring Polish immigrants and then calling the INS on them on payday, breaking union contracts, violating other contracts, failing to fully pay suppliers, and in general bullying and bragging about how good of a businessman he is.  No American bank can afford the “risk” that a Trump loan carries with it, or the knock to their own reputation because the loan applicant is so corrupt.  The “Art of the Deal” (the title of his book) is in lying and cheating people—plain and simple.  A practice that continues in his governance style.

We need to remember where all this Russian money came from.  It was never made from honest work.  It is from the Russian mafia and it’s activities like: prostitution, numbers games, gambling, theft, fraud, extortion, money laundering, and murder for hire.  So the Trump family must to held to moral account and possible criminal account for those Russian crimes which generated these mass fortunes: when a business owner refused to let the mafia into its ownership and he was murdered; when a prostitute passes on a STD; when a father gambles way the family rent; when a shipment of goods is hijacked from the open market and the prices to average families must rise; things possibly too awful to mention here; etc.

People who profit from the sins of others are in the eyes of God guilty of those sins also.

People burn in hell for this type of behavior……

Good riddance Donnie……

The August 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) was given at the Bush Ranch. “Obama likely to hit within U.S.” was title and referred to the old Sheik’s attack in New York as the likely target (World Trade Towers or financial district to cripple U.S. economy).  Planes might be used. Connect the dots—Bushy….but instead he said to the agents, “you’ve covered your butts now go back to Washington.”  Plus we owe him Katrina Hurricane response and 2008 Republican Great Recession.  We all knew Georgie wanted a war to make his legacy: https://www.amazon.com/Charge-Keep-Journey-White-House/dp/0060957921/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1304363995&sr=1-1&tag=thomhartmann.

NOTE: Now the PDB is thrown onto a table by Trump at Mar del Largo and he offers it to any guest.

Herbert Hoover: 1929 Republican Great Depression.

Ronald Reagan: Trickle Down Economics was a fake concept admitted budget director David Stockdale in his book.  He had no idea if it could work.

But they all pale in comparison to Trump…..