On the Thom Hartmann Radio Show on May 21, 2018, Ex-Evangelist Frank Schaeffer is on ripping Moron Christians for thinking Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy, Iran War and Korean War will bring about the 2nd Coming of Christ….the End Times, the Rapture, Armageddon……

Here is the Video:

So the summary is: “Ralph Reed, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Dr. Dobson basically cut a deal with Trump.  The deal being we will put up with all your philandering, your three marriages, your multiple affairs, paying off porn stars, your lies, your discrimination, your bogus University, your six bankruptcies, your claims about wealth you don’t have, your failings to file tax returns with the public and let them know what you’ve got; we’ll put up all of that, as long as you do a couple of things for us.  We want: 1) We want Anti-abortion judges at the federal level across the board; 2) We believe in the prophesies of Scripture being fulfilled only if Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, the Jews control most of Judean Sumaria, what was the old territories—and as long as you let your Foreign Policy, as it comes to the Middle East, be directed by Christian Zionism, presented by people like Reverend Hagee in Houston and Reverend Hasperus, who is now an advisor to the President; we will go along with what ever else you want to do.  We don’t care about the economy, because the economy doesn’t matter when the World is ending; we don’t care about the wars you will get into, because that all looks like Biblical Prophesy to us—-like the End Times; we don’t believe in Global Warming or any earthly things, bring it on because the World is ending.  You just do our agenda and we’ll back you; and they continue to do that.  They did it with Roy Moore, an alleged pedophile.  ‘No problem’ as long as you maintain our Agenda.”     Is this a bridge too far for humanity?

Frank Schaeffer, former Evangelical leader in the 1970-80’s explains how white evangelicals in the United States put “faith” before country, before human rights, in making a “Devil’s Bargain” to support Donald Trump despite his less than Christian actions, for a handful of policy and power goals, namely moving the United States embassy into deputed Jerusalem, all of this to bring about the end of days foretold in the book of Revelations, Armageddon!

This is based on Frank Schaeffer’s book Letters to Lucy, a book on how Evangelist Christians have failed modern society (the title coming from how he as a former Evangelist Christian leader can ever explain this failing to his young daughter Lucy): https://frankschaefferblog.com/letters-to-lucy-chapter-1-read-free/

Many of my Catholic Parish members say that back in 2016 they recognized Trump as the Anti-Christ because he would come in a human form and say things that weak Christians could not resist, so they would follow him and defend him to the end.  It didn’t matter how stupid or evil it sounded, because he had a magical power over them.




Some say that: bible teaching is a mirror; whatever you want to believe you can find support for it.



I think this is a City-wide (even affecting Santa Fe County areas) crisis with the estimate being 2-5,000 people. Part of the problem is that it is a known fact that people in Santa Fe are very generous and homeless across the country are coming here. A few of my friends from Homeless Provider agencies say their clients say they make between $100-300 a day begging at the various shopping centers and street corners. I have seen them go into Del Norte Credit Union to exchange wads of 1 dollar bills into $100. With the Santa Fe River Trail construction from Siler to Frenchy’s about 100 people were displaced from camps. The new Mayor says he is aware of the situation.

Now we have native (little n) homeless people that are on the street because of mental health issues and we need more services. They are often violent with family members and family members have put them out by advice of the police. We have Native People from the surrounding Pueblos where their home communities have “put them out” because of mental health and drug issues. Seems like we need a County-side symposium on how to deal with this issues.

We still have veterans with PTSD on the street. Instead of warring across the world—we should take care of them.

An accurate head count would help. Plus maybe moving those barracks at the old College of Santa Fe campus (that the state was destroying)to a neutral location would help.

Homeless people

In 1950, the N.M. State Highway Department did a report for the City of Santa Fe and found that the biggest problems were: 1. No downtown parking, 2. No effective arterial streets meeting collectors (moving traffic), and 3. No bypass around the City. So 68 years later except for the bypass we have the same problems…..

Too often City Hall dismisses the Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) neighborhood associations as wanting nothing in their neighborhoods or in trying to stop “progress” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosperity_Without_Growth).  This is really a cheap shot.

From T.L., Agua Fria Village:
If J.S. is involved, watch out.  He is a former city land use planner who works for development interests.  He goes after maximum density. Once people get a maximum dollar figure in their heads, it is extremely difficult for them to back down, even though what is being requested is a zoning change to which they are not automatically entitled. Anything less than what they want becomes seen as a loss out of their own pocket rather than a refusal to grant extra profit.  They will fight very hard to keep their perceived entitlement (not all of us can attend the Early Neighborhood Notification [ENN] meeting tonight, so this is all I can offer).

Echoing what T.L. said about hiring a Land Use Planner, the retainer is $25,000 and the meter starts running….then he hires a Traffic Planner, a terrain management engineer, archaeologist, architect, ad developer, attorney, surveyor—it goes on and on. It must be CASH because no banks are lending on this stuff. The Blue Buffalo developers at El Rio at the Ecoversity campus said that they had spent over $300,000 out of pocket in the first year and had no choice but to develop to recoup their investment (losses because they lost). They said that they wished they had met with the neighborhood BEFORE the ENN because if they had seen the opposition they never would of proposed the project.  Former City Councilor Karen Heldmeyer had a two part ENN—one as soon as they filed an application with the city and a second one 1-12 months later. This first meeting was eliminated by developers and attorneys in Chapter 14 of the Land Use Code so as to save developers time (and ultimately get attorneys more business when filing appeals for the developers).

Opinion on Community:

There are two types of people in this world: one that has a sense of community, a sense of place; and then those who basically don’t. A person with a sense of community wants to help others in their home community out of respect and comradeship, or even love.   A person with a sense of place (or querencia in Spanish) is motivated to preserve such a place out of a respect for the environment or Mother Earth. When you have this respect you are less likely to throw trash out the window of your auto, or perpetrate violence against others, or steal in your home community. You are in fact, a better citizen; a better person.

Who teaches you these values? Family, school, religion and culture/acequia. This is tradition and history; which are two values not of importance in our fast-paced lives.

There are benefits of having extended-family in your community. To have a grandparent’s sense of culture and tradition molding a grandchild. Walking between houses of your relatives and not complete strangers. Knowing that if for any of your bad deeds relatives would not be that far away to catch you. You have to be a better person. Then one day you too receive some property in the tradition of Family Transfer, the Santa Fe County’s legal term for it. It makes it possible to create a family compound.

People with a sense of community pick what is true and worthwhile and not just what is new and popular. The slow pace of life is actually a quality of life; more than any money can buy. Feeling like you are a part of a bigger something, a community, a life-style—not of the ‘rich and famous’ but of We The People. A life-style of taking joy in the simplicity and pride in the tradition. Having fun and slowing down; what a novel concept in our dog-eat-dog world!

So the rural nature of a place gets into your psyche and you dislike change. You are connected to the soil, water, air and space. You see in the land the cycle of life: the renewal of spring, the beautiful days of activity and summer, the bountiful harvest of fall and the resting of a winter. You understand the ecosystem without exploitation. You respect the land and the environment because it is what brings you happiness and true wealth. It brings you the true value of life.

Those without a sense of community often have a ‘transitory perspective.’ They are not connected to place—because places are not loyal to them. Places to them are without soul, significance and real meaning. These are often people who have bought a house as an investment for retirement—a stepping stone (according to IRS regulations) to an even larger house—on down the road. Houses are not homes to them; just money, ready to be cashed out at any time when opportunity knocks.

People with a sense of community are there to spend the rest of their lives there. Often, their parents and grandparents, and so forth; came from this same community. They want to raise their children and grandchildren there in a home community. They honor their predecessors and patrimony. They really don’t know a complete life without their community. They have no concept of the rape and pillaging of the land that are necessary for the psyche of a developer or speculator. Their motivations are being with family and just getting by. Not swindling, extortion, sales, bravado, risk-taking, or bait and switch that Wall Street, banking or Real Estate careers demand and exact from the soul.

In 2015, we have the phenomena of a Donald J. Trump presidential candidate, who rode the “You’re Fired” meme to a bizarre and hopeless stardom. We have the television shows of: Shark Tank and Keeping up with the Kardasians; which all highlight these meaningless lives of excess and cruelty to your fellow man as a way to “get ahead” and be the best. It is a worship of money. All these things are false idols.

But fret not if you don’t still live in the home community of your birth. You can be a part of a new community by respecting tradition and not trying to change it.


I also wrote about it here:



Part of creating a solution is discussing it and seeing how it even arose. I testified in the 1985 Affordable Task Force meetings and clearly nothing there was to the politicians likings (they like the payoff, or campaign contributions), and instead they continued down the same path.  This is a problem in every major city in the US (San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Austin, Denver, LA).

“How to Kill a City” is written about here:


There are also a lot of lessons on “development for development’s sake” here:

Donald Trump’s LOST HIS MIND:

He seriously signed an order to GUT the U.S. Postal Service!!

Trump has a lot of terrible ideas, but this one is just OUTRAGEOUS.

It affects YOU and every single American. So we need you to step up now.

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The U.S. Postal Service is responsible for transporting letters, postcards, and parcels to millions of Americans every single day.

And if Trump gets his way, bills, magazines, packages and other important letters could stop being delivered any moment now. SERIOUSLY!

It’s up to us to STOP Trump before it’s too late.

So please sign our petition to save the postal service:


— BOLD Democrats

Republicans want to Destroy the Post Office

A fraud, a pedophile, a pot dealer and Paul Ryan all walk into a bar.

Bartender says “Wow, the last four Republican House Speakers all in one place.”

No joke. That’s the legacy of Gingrich, Hastert, Boehner and Ryan.
What is Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Legacy?




Ximena Barreto: obviously you are a very young person and very unaware of this country’s history especially in regards to Lynchings.  I notice by your name you are Latina and probably have Catholics in your family.  Did you know as recently as the 1920’s about two hundred Catholic Churches were burned or vandalized in Indiana by the Ku Klux Klan?  Many Blacks, Jews and a few Latinos were also lynched.  The KKK aligned with the Republican Party was set after their million Man March in Washington, D.C. to run D.C. Stephenson as their Presidential Candidate against Herbert Hoover.  Paid membership had risen from 4 to 7 million members.  With many other family members riding the paid membership of the KKK head of household.  Indiana was solely controlled by the Republicans and D.C. Stephenson had a little black box of index cards of all the sworn KKK members and how much money they owned him in loans or paving projects.  Over 100 members of the legislature.  So in 1925 Stephenson was tried and convicted (Stephenson v. State) for the notorious adoption, rape and murder of a young white woman, Madge Oberholtzer, a state education official; he started squealing on Klan officials in 1927.   By the 1928 Election the KKK membership fell to 20,000.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D._C._Stephenson

There are many other examples of lynching Latinos especially in Texas where it was too far to ride to justice, where the outcome was pre-ordained anyway.

Ximena Barreto could you be on the wrong side of history?


Liked the Metcalf Minute on the Call To Reason radio show on April 15, 2018, where Mr. Metcalf says we need to look beyond the Trump Presidency and see what damage has been done to the actual office of the presidency and the Executive Branch.  Like when Trump attacks Syria—or threatens war on Venezuela, is it warranted or just a distraction.  Will all the Tweets be archived and show the back and forth of a madman?  Will legislators come in and say the President’s power must be limited?  Limitation could tie the hands of a Chief Executive in times of economic crisis, or the Commander-in-Chief in a time of war.

His bottom line was: “can we ever trust the FUTURE President again especially when we have such a divided government?”

The 51%-49% elections we always seem to have, give no mandate to any leader.  Red wins; Blue loses.  Blue wins; Red loses.  The American populace is just always angry at the “other.”  Trump has made no attempt to HEAL the divide or to declare he will lead the ENTIRE population of the Nation.   He was perfectly willing to feed his base raw meat (and does so on a daily basis with up to nine Tweets).   Can we EVER really come together?

I wonder about the fate of the Presidency also.  It was an issue after Nixon and Watergate, and the Congress restrained itself in political reform; they based this on their thought: “it could never happen again.”  But it did happen and to a much worse extent.   Right Now! Maybe because of our technology and our extreme income equality (larger than any nation’s in the history of the world).  What role will the President occupy in the public square?  Will we ever honor another President like we did the first 43 (I leave out Obama because of the meme: “black man in the WHITE House“—notice capitalization for the lack of reverence the “Red” states had for him).  Trump made policy and firings by illiterate Tweets the “normal.”  With 5-6 Tweets (up to nine a day) coming out in a day starting at 3 A.M.—his leadership or lack of had people jumping: his staff, the Congress, the media, the agencies, and the entire American populace.  Was the policy a thoughtful exercise of legitimate power or a spoiled cheeseburger too late at night?  Was the policy influenced by his Russia lien-holder Putin or by the Press that told him he has tiny hands (and I guess a small penis by inference).

Which head does this guy think with?

Go back to Nixon—later known as Trickey Dick—when he was young—he was a smart lawyer, an upstanding member of the community, a war veteran; who through increasing paranoia, exceeded his power and obstructed justice in his cover-up.  Until the LBJ tapes were released by the National Archives we didn’t understand what had happened in the 1968 Election.  The treason committed over Vietnam that led to the 1972 Watergate Complex break-in to the DNC headquarters.  Seems like this happened all over again in 2016.

But the difference between Nixon and Trump is that Nixon really wanted to do the best thing for the country; Trump is only concerned with Trump and making money.

What is the fate of the presidency?