As we know Cousin B fully supported Trump and this is a line of FaceBook Posts from 2013 that helped drive her into the Tea Party and the Libertarian Lunacy that would have someone support Trump:


From Cousin B: Can one of my legislative friends (JB, EN or others) tell me how to find out how much our state wastes on new vehicles each year? It seems to me there are a LOT of newer models being driven with state, county tags… do we not take care of the vehicles we have properly? Are we purchasing cars that do not hold up? Are there too many state/county employees driving vehicles at the taxpayers’ expenses?

Inquiring minds…

So here are WHM’s answers:

Too many vehicles can also be symptomatic of having too many buildings spread out all over the place which is also costly. Sometimes federal/state funds had to be spent by a certain date or reverted and the programs could spend a lot by buying a car. Reversions reduced next year’s budget by that amount so no one did it. Then we started an incentive program where bonus could be paid out of reversion. One problem with requiring employees to use their own cars for official business is that their insurance compnay will not cover an accident and will help the employee sue the govern. agency. Sometimes turning the cars over within three years like on a lease is the cheapest way to go. Also you avoid maintenance. Our Highway Department doesn’t do that because each car is on a strict maintence schedule wyhich in the long run saves money and the cost of employees is less than the dealer maintence fees. As a former “Vehicle Administrator” there is a science to it.

So, William Henry Mee, you’re saying in the mindset of a liberal West Virginia democrat that – since we HAVE the $$ and we’ll lose it if we don’t spend it, let’s buy a car?! That is part of the problem with our state. How about we figure out how to trim corners and balance a budget WITHOUT federal funds! (I’m tired of politicians throwing OUR money at us for pork projects when it comes election season, and/or putting their names on everything that doesn’t move!)

Another Cousin B friend poster: Every county has hundreds of state offices to “assist” the people. Don’t these employees need to travel to Charleston on a regular basis to meet, report and take training sessions? They all “need” a car to do this because “One problem with requiring employees to use their own cars for official business is that their insurance compnay will not cover an accident and will help the employee sue the govern. agency.” Because the Judicial Hell Hole allows this.

Private use? Who knows. Who cares. The connected bureaucrats are entitled. WV has more bureaucrats per capita than any other state. The bureaucracy needs to grow because those connected to the bureaucracy continue to expand, and there are no high paying private sector company jobs coming to the Judicial Hell Hole to employ their kids.

WHM: B, this is the way all states, the feds, all municipalities and Counties ran their standard operating procedures from 1950 to 1990. Many continued to 2000. A few may even do it today.  I was seeing a lot of state cars at Walmart, even way late at night, and it turned out that this was the Foster Care program buying clothes for kids picked up from an abusive household. A pretty legitimate need. So we can’t jump to conclusions. In N.M. we have a 1-800 number and it is on the back of every govt vehicle. You start to document it by location, time and license plate #. Each car should have a vehicle log to determine driver. Instead of painting all public employees and politicians with a broad brush of corruption you should get active and go to the city council meeting and at the point of items from the floor/items of public concern; ask what the vehicle use and purchasing policies are.


So why post all this?

I think it is valuable to understand the distain and ignorance that Tea Party types have towards ANY government function.   It will be just about impossible to penetrate this mindset for purposes of the next election.  The Russians (who now they are apparently so fond of) took you to a “Re-education Center” complete and I don’t know if even that worked.  LOL.


Please Congress:


In order to ensure that a candidate running for the previously esteemed office of President of the United States is of the utmost sound moral and social standing, the following qualifications have been developed.

To be eligible to run for President of the United States, a candidate must meet the following conditions, in addition to those enumerated in the U.S. Constitution:

1. Release Federal Income Taxes of the past five years.

2. Have no more than $1 billion dollars in loans.

3. Have no more than 100 civil lawsuits against them.

4. Have no history of sexual assault against them.

5. Have no more than two properties outside the boundaries of the United States.

6. Must disable their Twitter account.

7. Pass a psychological test developed by the American Psychological Association.

8. Pass a competency test developed by the National Education Association.

9. Have their ties to foreign governments examined by the FBI and CIA.

10. Your pet peeve about Trump here……

Fake news made a “Fake President,” a virtual divider-in-chief, a fake leader of no value to anyone or anything; except maybe Putin.  The Fake President has taken the Bully Pulpit of Teddy Roosevelt and become the “Bully Culprit.”
Donald John Trump has topped over 1,000 lies while in office–952 in the first 100 days as counted by the Washington Post and Media Matters.  He has given classified information to the Russian Government our enemy—at a minimum this is defined as sedition and because of his Commander-in-Chief role it could be legally construed as the Benedict Arnold type of Treason (done while in uniform during a time of war —the Cold War—to advantage the enemy—the selling of information about West Point; or in this case to obtain loans from Putin’s mob money).
On “day one”, as he was inaugurated,  he violated the U.S. Constitution and other federal law by violating the Emoluments Clause by owning the Trump Towers in Washington, D.C. on federal property and accepting foreign guest registrations intending to do business with the federal government and perhaps seek favor from the President.  The U.S. Senate failed to investigate this.
He appointed relatives to the federal government violating the nepotism clauses and allowed relatives to attend classified briefings without background checks.  The U.S. Senate failed to investigate this.  Ivanka attended the meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister to showcase her clothing line amongst dozens of Trump family infractions.
D.J. Trump ran a campaign beyond the imagination of the worst dirtiest politician or the best Attila the Hun—so we know the character of the man—so when he repeats this performance as President—we know it is not a mistake, a misstep, ignorance—or something that can be forgiven and forgotten.  It is time for real and full action against the resident of the White House.
Those leaders that stand with Trump as of this date need to be replaced by impeachment, 25th Amendment to the Constitution, resignation, and recall.   Especially, those in Congress, the 535 members.
We cannot impose a “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” (as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court) on the President if convicted of these national crimes, but Julius and Ethel Rosenberg received the electric chair for lesser ties to Russia.  This punishment I believe would be legally appropriate and would serve the nation as a reminder of why we structure and operate the U.S. Government as we have in the past, and not in this administration.

Boy Scouts of America apologizes for Trump’s ‘political rhetoric’

NEW YORK, July 27 (Reuters) – The head of the Boy Scouts of America apologized to members of the youth organization on Thursday for the “political rhetoric that was inserted” into its national gathering this week by U.S. President Donald Trump.

“I want to extend my sincere apologies to those in our Scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jamboree,” Michael Surbaugh wrote in an open letter published on the Scouts’ website. “That was never our intent.”


He said that every U.S. president, who serves as the Scouts’ honorary president, has been invited to speak at the national jamborees held every four years since 1937, but that the Scouts were nonetheless “steadfastly” non-partisan.

“We sincerely regret that politics were inserted into the Scouting program,” Surbaugh wrote.

He said there were 40,000 participants, including Boy Scouts, volunteers, staff and visitors.

Trump, a Republican, started his speech before thousands of boys aged 12 to 18 in a West Virginia field on Monday evening lauding hard work and perseverance, then quickly turned to partisan attacks and ridicule of “fake media.”

He attacked Democratic rivals, lambasted the current healthcare law and reminisced about a cocktail party he went to decades ago filled with “the hottest people in New York.

Trump’s speech drew intense criticism from former Scouts, parents of Scouts and others, with many saying the speech was not in keeping with Scout values and inappropriate.

While many Scouting families expressed outrage, a few said the reaction was overblown, arguing that exposure to political speech in all forms was an important part of a Scout’s development.

(Reporting by Jonathan Allen; Editing by Toni Reinhold)

WHM Note: Apparently Trump wanted to relate to the young Scouts more and he talked that he was young once and he knows what they are thinking about and it is not politics and it is girls.  Trump also talked about having an older friend with a yacht (Epstein the convicted underage girl rapist in New York State) and meeting a lot of young girls on the yacht.  “Lots of action.”  According the federal law the contents of this “Presidential” speech must be maintained permanently at the National Archives.  Please as a nation, do we have to?  To memorialize a felony that the future Presidential candidate participated in?  What are we coming to as a people?

Trump does not embody any Boy Scout trait in reality….



Trump wants to know if he has power to pardon himself, family, aides

Ray S. Cline

Washington, DC

JUL 21, 2017 — The Washington Post

Some of President Donald Trump’s lawyers are exploring ways to limit or undercut Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, building a case against what they allege are his conflicts of interest and discussing the president’s authority to grant pardons, according to people familiar with the effort.

Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with the probe, according to one of those people. A second person said Trump’s lawyers have been discussing the president’s pardoning powers among themselves.

Trump’s legal team declined to comment on the issue. But one adviser said the president has simply expressed a curiosity in understanding the reach of his pardoning authority, as well as the limits of Mueller’s investigation.

“This is not in the context of, ‘I can’t wait to pardon myself,'” a close adviser said.

With the Russia investigation continuing to widen, Trump’s lawyers are working to corral the probe and question the propriety of the special counsel’s work. They are actively compiling a list of Mueller’s alleged potential conflicts of interest, which they say could serve as a way to stymie his work, according to several of Trump’s legal advisers.

A conflict of interest is one of the possible grounds that can be cited by an attorney general to remove a special counsel from office under Justice Department regulations that set rules for the job.

The president is also irritated by the notion that Mueller’s probe could reach into his and his family’s finances, advisers said.

Trump has been fuming about the probe in recent weeks as he has been informed about the legal questions that he and his family could face.

His primary frustration centers on why allegations that his campaign coordinated with Russia should spread into scrutinizing many years of Trump dealmaking.

He has told aides he was especially disturbed after learning Mueller would be able to access several years of his tax returns.

Breaking a tradition that began with President Jimmy Carter, Trump has repeatedly refused to make his tax returns public after first claiming he could not do so because he was under audit or after promising to release them after an IRS audit was completed.

Further adding to the challenges facing Trump’s outside lawyers, the team’s spokesman, Mark Corallo, resigned on Thursday, according to two people familiar with his departure. Corallo did not respond to immediate requests for comment.

“If you’re looking at Russian collusion, the president’s tax returns would be outside that investigation,” said a close adviser to the president.

Jay Sekulow, one of the president’s private lawyers, said in an interview Thursday that the president and his legal team are intent on making sure Mueller stays within the boundaries of his assignment as special counsel. He said they will complain directly to Mueller if necessary.

“The fact is that the president is concerned about conflicts that exist within the special counsel’s office and any changes in the scope of the investigation,” Sekulow said. “The scope is going to have to stay within his mandate. If there’s drifting, we’re going to object.”

Sekulow cited Bloomberg News reports that Mueller is scrutinizing some of Trump’s business dealings, including a Russian oligarch who purchased a Palm Beach mansion from Trump for $95 million in 2008.

“They’re talking about real estate transactions in Palm Beach several years ago,” Sekulow said. “In our view, this is far outside the scope of a legitimate investigation.”

The president has long called the FBI investigation into his campaign’s possible coordination with the Russians a “witch hunt.” But now, the president is coming face-to-face with a powerful investigative team that is able to study evidence of any crime they encounter in the probe – including tax fraud, lying to federal agents and interference in the investigation.

“This is Ken Starr times 1,000,” said one lawyer involved in the case, referring to the independent counsel who oversaw an investigation that eventually led to House impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton. “Of course, it’s going to go into his finances.”

Following Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey – in part because of his displeasure with the FBI’s Russia investigation – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel in a written order.

That order gave Mueller broad authority to investigate links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, as well as “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation” and any crimes committed in response to the investigation, such as perjury or obstruction of justice.

Mueller’s probe has already expanded to include an examination of whether Trump obstructed justice in his dealings with Comey, as well as the business activities of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law.

Trump’s team could potentially challenge whether a broad probe of Trump’s finances prior to his candidacy could be considered a matter that arose “directly” from an inquiry into possible collusion with a foreign government.

The president’s legal team has also identified what they allege are several conflicts of interest facing Mueller, such as donations to Democrats by some of his prosecutors.

Another potential conflict claim is an allegation that Mueller and Trump National Golf Club in northern Virginia had a dispute over membership fees when Mueller resigned as a member in 2011, two White House advisers said.

A spokesman for Mueller said there was no dispute when Mueller, who was FBI director at the time, left the club.

Trump also took public aim on Wednesday at Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein, whose actions led to Mueller’s appointment. In an interview with the New York Times Wednesday, the president said he never would have hired Sessions if he knew he was going to recuse himself from the cases.

Some Republicans in frequent touch with the White House said they viewed the president’s decision to publicly air his disappointment with Sessions as a warning sign that the attorney general’s days were numbered.

Several senior aides were described as “stunned” when Sessions announced Thursday morning he would stay on at the Justice Department.

Another Republican in touch with the administration described the public steps as part of a broader effort aimed at “laying the groundwork to fire” Mueller.

“Who attacks their entire Justice Department?” this person said. “It’s insane.”

Law enforcement officials described Sessions as increasingly distant from the White House and the FBI because of the strains of the Russia investigation.

Traditionally, Justice Department leaders have sought to maintain a certain degree of autonomy from the White House as a means of ensuring prosecutorial independence.

But Sessions’ situation is more unusual, law enforcement officials said, because he has angered the president for apparently being too independent while also angering many at the FBI for his role in the president’s firing of Comey.

As a result, there is far less communication among those three key parts of the government than in years past, several officials said.

Currently, the discussions of pardoning authority by Trump’s legal team is purely theoretical, according to two people familiar with the ongoing conversations. But if Trump pardoned himself in the face of the ongoing Mueller investigation, it would set off a legal and political firestorm, first around the question of whether a president can use the constitutional pardon power in that way.

“This is a fiercely debated but unresolved legal question,” said Brian Kalt, a constitutional law expert at Michigan State University who has written extensively on the question.

The power to pardon is granted to the president in Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, which gives the commander in chief the power to “grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”

That means pardon authority extends to federal criminal prosecution but not to state level or impeachment inquiries.

No president has sought to pardon himself, so no courts have reviewed it. Although Kalt says the weight of the law argues against a president pardoning himself, he says the question is open and predicts such an action would move through the courts all the way to the Supreme Court.

“There is no predicting what would happen,” said Kalt, author of the book, “Constitutional Cliffhangers: A Legal Guide for Presidents and Their Enemies.” It includes chapters on the ongoing debate over whether presidents can be prosecuted while in office and on whether a president can issue a pardon to himself.

Other White House advisers have tried to temper Trump, urging him to simply cooperate with the probe and stay silent on his feelings about the investigation.

On Monday, lawyer Ty Cobb, newly brought into the White House to handle responses to the Russian probe, convened a meeting with the president and his team of lawyers, according to two people briefed on the meeting. Cobb, who is not yet on the White House payroll, was described as attempting to instill some discipline in how the White House handles queries about the case. But Trump surprised many of his aides by speaking at length about the probe to the New York Times two days later.

Some note that the Constitution does not explicitly prohibit a president from pardoning himself. On the other side, experts say that by definition a pardon is something you can only give to someone else. There is also a common-law canon that prohibits individuals from serving as a judge in their own case. “For example, we would not allow a judge to preside over his or her own trial,” Kalt said.

A president can pardon an individual at any point, including before being charged with a crime, and the scope of a presidential pardon can be very broad. President Gerald Ford pardoned former president Richard M. Nixon preemptively for offenses he “committed or may have committed” while in office.Trump

Think 2016 was a bad election?  Just wait.

Jason Kander the former Missouri Secretary of State, and of Help America Vote, calls The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, the “Presidential Commission on Implemented Disenfranchisement for the Election Committee of the President.”  He has worked personally with vice chairman, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach at the National Association of Secretary of States and saw where he called Obama’s Presidential Commission on Election Integrity a joke and that he would never serve on such a commission.  Ohhh, how the pot calls the kettle black.  Kander feels that the marching orders of the group are to make voting more difficult for people of color.

President Donald Trump is asking for voter names, addresses, party affiliation and voting records, and more from all 50 states, part of an investigation into voter fraud by a commission he launched last month.  49 states refused to comply with that request:


Thom Hartman on his May 25th, 2017 radio show said that our country will not be destroyed by Donald Trump but we shall simply return to a 1920’s America—the roaring twenties of the history books that vastly benefitted the rich and set up an inevitable complete failure of the economic system.  Behind the good times of the 20’s was an extreme poverty and inequality.  Civil unrest started and political parties like communists, socialists and trade unionists spread up everywhere.  Out of this and the Republican Great Depression of 1929 came FDR’s New Deal.  So maybe a New New Deal will result from the decline of Trump….

In historical America times have been very hard, despite being the “land of opportunity” and having an “American Dream;” our country has been ruled by an evil elite that makes money by holding all others down.  We need to think back that Slavery only ended in 1865, and that then a whole system of discrimination keeping Blacks out of prosperity was then instituted which officially ruled the South until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and then went “underground.”   The Irish and Italians were subjected to being indentured servants to pay for their passage to this country from their home countries until just before 1900.

Life was a very hard proposition back in the 1800’s:

We just need to remember back to the Concessions won by  coal miners in their strikes in Pennsylvania in the 1880’s (the 80 hour work week, which was 7-12 hour days and 8 hours on Sunday so miners could attend church with their families; and a minimum wage to be negotiated and paid—previous to this a wage was offered but tool usage, shoring and explosives were charged against the miners salary).  After the loss of some 364 miners’ lives from strike-busting and the loss of 2,703 lives from mine accidents in the decade 1876-1887; miners struck again across the state in 1887.  Additional safety concessions were won including using more expensive hard woods for mine shoring instead of cheaper and weaker woods.

So things were much worse back then and enabled the Ultra-Rich in this country to become the famed Robber Barons of the history books.  Modern elites long for a return to these days and fund the GOP to deliver on this (Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, etc.).  Trump seems to be delivering on a number of their wishes.

There was a nationwide strike called in 1881 for a national minimum wage; however, it did not achieve anything.  When the federal minimum wage first became law in 1938, it was 25 cents.  Adjusted for inflation, that would be worth $4.19 today.

So under Trump we are going back to the way things were.