Well, he is up to it again, lying and using the myths of tax policy.  In September, he had 1,328 lies since becoming the Resident of the White House; so should it really surprise the World?


“It’s not good for me. Believe me.” That was Donald Trump talking about his tax plan, which the Senate is expected to vote on this week. We shouldn’t believe him.

Trump’s tax plan is nothing more than a huge tax handout to millionaires and wealthy corporations, paid for by slashing critical services for working families.

Republican leaders’ tax and budget plan will hand a $770 billion tax cut to hedge fund managers, corporate lawyers and real estate developers―like Trump―that run so-called pass-through businesses. And, they want to repeal the estate tax, handing $240 billion to America’s 0.02% wealthiest families.

Compare that $1 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy to the proposed $1.3 trillion cut to Medicaid and other health services that working families rely on.

Or, what about the $440 billion tax cut from repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax―a tax that prevents rich people like Trump from using loopholes to sharply reduce or eliminate their federal income taxes?

Compare that $440 billion tax cut for the wealthy to the $473 billion proposed cut to Medicare.

Time and again, Trump is slashing critical services for working families just to pay for tax cuts for himself and his millionaire and billionaire buddies.

Call your Senator right now and demand they vote NO on the Trump tax and budget plan:


Here’s a suggested call script:

My name is _______. I live in TOWN, STATE and I’m a constituent of the Senator’s.

I want Senator [NAME] to Vote NO on the Senate budget that cuts funding for Medicare, Medicaid, and education. Not one penny in tax cuts should be given to the wealthy and corporations.

And, after you call your first senator, then call the other one.

The vote is expected to be very close. We will need three Republicans and all Democrats to stand with us and oppose Trump’s and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s tax and budget scheme.

Thank you for standing up and demanding a tax system and an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.


Frank Clemente
Executive Director
Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund


Before becoming President, Donald Trump had a knack for conning people. Whether it was channeling charity dollars to his company or ripping people off through his so-called Trump University, he’s built himself a long rap sheet of scandals and scams — and he’s trying to add another one to the list with his tax “reform” plan.

Trump’s tax plan is a classic “trickle down” scheme, in which corporations and the wealthy (like the President and his family) are given huge tax breaks while the middle and working classes get nothing, or even have to pay more. It is also not paid for, and borrows the money from our kids.

Of course, Trump is trying to sell this as a huge break for the middle class: it’s not. When you look at the facts, the vast majority of the benefits of their proposal go to America’s wealthiest families, only widening the gap between rich and poor. Trump and Republican leaders are pushing to cut the corporate tax rate to 20 percent and reduce the highest individual rate to 35 percent. And by some estimates, as many as 30 percent of Americans making less than $150,000 a year could actually see their taxes go up.

We can’t let Trump put one over on the American people. Join me in calling on the rest of Congress to stand with working families and oppose this deficit-financed tax giveaway.

Thanks for all you do,

Representative Adam Schiff


Hey William —

Recently, we spoke with Mike, a proud resident of Overbrook, Kansas, about his state’s recent “experiment” with cutting taxes for the rich. Mike’s been a family farmer — and a Republican — his whole life. He voted for Sam Brownback, the Republican running for governor in 2010, because he said cutting taxes for the rich would create jobs and increase growth.

William, seven years later, Mike sorely regrets his vote. Those same tax cuts were DISASTROUS for Kansas, and with Trump and Republicans in Congress trying to pass similar tax cuts nationwide as we speak, he’s afraid of what that will mean for the rest of the country.

Watch the video of our conversation with Mike about what happened when Kansas gutted taxes for the rich — and then share it to spread the word.

Governor Brownback promised that tax cuts for businesses and individuals would create so much growth for the state that they’d “pay for themselves.” He lied.

Employment and economic development went down, not up. The wealthiest people and corporations got the biggest benefit, and everyone else got shortchanged — including Mike’s own grandkids, whose school was forced to shorten their year when state education funding got squeezed. Small farms like the one he grew up on paid the price, while those with more than enough got out of paying their share.

Now Donald Trump and some Republicans in Congress are pitching the same plan that took Kansas from surplus to deficit, tanked its job growth, and cut funding for its schools and first-responders — for the entire country.

Trump and his allies are flying all over the country making speeches, calling meetings, and manufacturing distracting controversies — all in the name of selling their tax scheme. This time, Mike’s not buying it, and he thinks no one else should either.

Watch and share this video to help make sure more Americans don’t fall for their lies.

We wouldn’t wish what Kansas has gone through since Governor Brownback’s disastrous tax cuts on any other state. Make sure your friends, family, and representatives know the truth about tax cuts for the rich.

Thanks for helping spread the word,

The Tax March Team



Trump is really too inept to be our President, intact, I can’t imagine that he was ever a “great businessman” except that he owned the business and there was no one to tell him he was lousy.  The most dangerous thing is that his staff either through attrition or just laziness is also getting more and more inept.  This is always a danger when you hire staff into a political administration that have no prior government experience.  It is always a disaster.  I offer a few examples:

Donald Trump’s tweet about pulling NBC’s license to broadcast shows a complete lack of knowledge of FCC operations.  His said NBC’s broadcast license should be pulled.  But it is individual stations that are licensed and their licenses can only be pulled by proving they are operating outside of the public good.   In defense of the public good position, stations might mention P-grabber’s 13 sexual assaults, 3,500 lawsuits, 5 foreclosures, 4 draft deferments, 1,318 lies today as #45, some Russian collusion like $10 billion in loans, not paying workers and contractors at the hotels, Trump University—and the endless list. So bring the lawsuits on…..

Later in the same day, the White House Press Briefing says: “The Tax Reform Plan we have is the worst one in the world and needs to be changed.”  Well, that REFORM PLAN is yours sir.  What you should of  said is that the Tax CODE is the worst.  You see a Code is the assemblage of laws that Congress passes.  Of course Sara Huckabee has never worked in government so an oversight like this is predictable.

Steve Bannon (while he was still in the White House) said to the President that the use of the 25th Amendment is more likely than Impeachment.  Trump said what is the 25th Amendment?

With so many more examples, isn’t time for the Nation to move on with a real leader?

Political Correctness is another word for Civility—a commodity much needed in this nation today.  A nation ruled by right-wing extremist nuts that engage in a fight to the death “Culture War” while at the same time making millions off its media implications.



Political correctness: how the right invented a phantom enemy:

For 25 years, invoking this vague and ever-shifting nemesis has been a favourite tactic of the right – and Donald Trump’s victory is its greatest triumph


You Will Be Shocked to Know How Many Hours People Must Work to Secure Housing

This post outlines how many hours individuals must work to secure housing in the US. It launches a series of posts on wealth inequality and on options cities have to create more sustainable housing, transit, and employment bases.

Economic Injustice at Home & Abroad

The map at left is telling, and is more easily viewed in the original article, so if you want to examine the map in more detail, go to the article. In brief, the map shows that people living in the dark blue states must earn $20 an hour (or just under the 3 times the $7.25 national minimum wage) to rent a 2-bedroom apartment. In states shaded light blue, people must earn between $15-20 an hour to rent a 2-bedroom. In the map included in the Atlantic article you can see that in California and New York residents must earn more than $25 an hour. In New Mexico, we barely made it into the grey by $.16 as here one must earn $14.84 or pretty close to double the state minimum wage of $7.50. New Mexico’s minimum wage would have risen to $9 per hour, but our Governor vetoed that and almost everything else on the planet, including all funds for our college and university systems. Charming Governor we have….but I digress.

Click here for the full Atlantic report. It includes links to reports from the Pew Foundation and the National Low Income Housing Coalition that go into even more depth in examining the affordable housing crisis in this country. A brief excerpt from the Atlantic report:

“According to the Pew Research Center, 30 percent of America’s workforce earns a near-minimum-wage salary—that’s almost 21 million people. As a cruel paradox, rents across the country keep rising.

new report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition examines how these opposite trends play out regionally. The work maps how much an American worker needs to earn per hour in each state to rent a two-bedroom apartment. It finds that in no state can a person earning minimum wage afford such an apartment at market rent.”

In a separate and even more disturbing map, the report also highlights how many hours a person would have to work to secure a one-bedroom unit if they were working at minimum wage. In the states shaded dark blue a person would have to work over 80 hours a week, and in states shaded light blue a person would have to work 61-80 hours, and in the grey 40-59. The state with the fewest hours needed is South Dakota at 49 hours. In New York, you would have to work 98 hours a week, in New Jersey 100, in California 94 and in New Mexico 64. This is bordering on indentured servitude.

Is there any hope for reforming this system, even after the Trump era? Truthout (increasingly my go-to source for information), posted an article in which two Swedish analysts, Enrique Guerrero-López and Adam Weaver, interviewed Gabriel Kuhn, an Austrian-born author living in Sweden and involved in radical labor and migrant solidarity efforts, about his analysis and experience with social democracy. The interview examines the challenges America faces in achieving anything like an egalitarian society. It begins on an optimistic note by acknowledging that currently 49% of Americans ages 18-29 prefer socialism to capitalism.

Kuhn’s first observation is that while it is nice that the US is looking to Europe for models of social democracy, “like any type of government in the “First World,” these models rest on an imperialist system that is everything but social, egalitarian and civil.” And later in the interview Kuhn returns to this theme with “The combination of economic growth and relative social justice that characterizes European social democracy rests on the exploitation of colonized peoples and cannot be reproduced globally. Global justice requires a very different setting.” Retake provides a tremendous 2-minute video at the bottom of this post that details how we “First-Worlders” continue to enjoy our lifestyle at the expense of the rest of the world.

When asked about the prospects of the US developing a social democratic model of government, Kuhn noted that “there are other historical factors to consider in the US — for example, what J. Sakai calls “settlerism,” notions such as “American exceptionalism” and a deep mistrust of government, both on the left and the right. So I think that if the left in the US wants to make mitigating capitalism’s worst effects a priority — which is, basically, what social democracy has been doing in Europe throughout the 20th century — it needs to develop its own visions and strategies.”  The interview closes with this observation:

“As far as building a party of the left is concerned, I’m not really sure how that would play out in the US. I’m mainly thinking of the electoral system. Basically, in most European countries, you enter parliament if you gather more than 4 or 5 percent of the popular vote. A similar percentage gets you into regional parliaments and city councils. This is why Die Linke in Germany — to continue with this example — is able to provide important infrastructure to extra-parliamentary movements, even if its nationwide support hovers at no more than around 10 percent. The party also receives plenty of media attention, participates in all relevant television debates, has members in federal committees, and the like. In view of the electoral system in the US, it doesn’t seem likely that you reach that level of influence unless you can seriously challenge the two big parties. Under such circumstances, I’m not sure whether building a party is a useful tool to advance the socialist cause, even if you are open [to] broader coalitions. I have heard theories that the Democratic Party could be turned into a left-wing player of sorts. I have a hard time imagining this, considering both the history and composition of the party and the dynamics of US politics, but that’s just my impression from across the pond.”  Click here for the full and fascinating, if sobering, report.

We highly recommend the video below.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

———- Forwarded message ———-

I don’t know about the process that was followed for this, but, in general, I would like to see the City increase its housing opportunities by allowing construction of these guesthouses. These small units can increase the diversity of neighborhoods by providing affordable housing, can be good for elderly parents or sullen teenagers, and for renting to college students. (see, https://newoldage.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/01/in-the-backyard-grandmas-new-apartment/?_r=0) We need to reduce sprawl and allow more people to live in Santa Fe’s walkable neighborhoods. Thanks for passing this on. Denise

From: Karen Heldmeyer
Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2017 3:02 PM
To: sfneighborhoodnetwork@earthlink.net
Subject: Important Public Works Committee Meeting Tomorrow

Due to technical difficulties, this is coming from my home computer but it is an important announcement from the Neighborhood Network.
Monday, April 24 at 5 PM at the Public Works Committee in the City Council chambers there will be an important public hearing on Councilor Ives’ proposed amendment to double the number of guest houses allowed on any lot in any part of the city.
We urge all neighborhoods to come and speak about how this will affect them.
The proposed amendment says that, regardless of the underlying zoning or density, any lot can have 2 guesthouses (“accessory dwelling units” or ADU’s, as they’re called in the code) up to a total of 1500 square feet. This could include an added second story used as a guesthouse.
This proposal is a “one size fits all” amendment that affects all neighborhoods regardless of their current condition. Adding additional density to many neighborhoods can create numerous problems for the existing residents, including overcrowding, lack of privacy, parking, traffic, overuse of existing utilities, and others.
In theory, according to code, a permit for any guesthouse can only be given if the owner lives on the property but we know this has not been enforced. And this amendment says that ALL 3 units can be rented out if they are rented to the same entity.
Also in theory, only 1 of the 3 units is supposed to be a short-term rental (STR), but we know that enforcement in this area has been lax as well. There are now short-term rentals in virtually every neighborhood in town.
The ostensible reason for this amendment is to provide more affordable housing, but there is no requirement that any of the ADU’s be affordable.
This went to Planning Commission on April 6. Councilor Ives did not consult with any neighborhoods before that meeting. When asked why, he said, “It’s an imperfect world”.
Most of the commissioners were concerned that no neighborhoods had been consulted and urged Councilor Ives to do so before this amendment went to council, which is now fast-tracked to be heard May 10.
Two commissioners, Jack Hiatt and Roman Abeyta, voted against recommending this amendment because of the lack of neighborhood input. Commission Abeyta was also skeptical that this would result in an increase in affordable housing.
Many of the commissioners, even those who voted to recommend, had concerns about the impact of this amendment on neighborhoods and made specific suggestions about how it could be improved. Additionally, there were parts of the amendment that they felt needed to be clarified.
We do not know if Monday’s hearing is going to be the only opportunity neighborhoods have to speak about this before it goes to the full council.
The Neighborhood Network feels that what is needed is an actual working meeting where all sides can express their concerns and work together, with staff, to craft a bill that is better for the whole community.
If you are able, please come to the Public Works Committee and speak to this amendment.
To see the proposed amendments, go to http://www.santafenm.gov/legislative_services

Legislative Services | City of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mission. The Legislative Services staff interacts with city staff, the Governing Body and the public regarding proposed legislation, including resolutions, bills and …
and in the “pending legislation” box, click on “accessory dwelling units”.

So the title of this “What Do I Really Want from Politicians” is really difficult to answer.  Especially in just a few key issues—all of which had been so badly corrupted by the Washington, D.C. processes of late.  The Beto O’Rourke Campaign for Texas Senate against Boy King Ted Cruz (his dad’s affectionate religious name for him), is asking this question.   It is a good question that talks to the character of the candidate we are choosing but also to his intellect about the may perverse schemes of the Republican Party; which somehow used a verbal judo in coming out with the meme of : “Draining the Swamp.”  The GOP has always been behind the m

In the past I have heard a few women say “honesty.”  And quite honestly, this isn’t enough anymore.  A candidate that I would approve of must have several attributes.  A candidate must be informed on all the issues and then lacking the ego that says: “I know-it-all” or the “my way or the highway” approach that everyone in the Tea Party like Ted Cruz says to issues requiring the slightest compromise.  A person should understand what the Middle Class and Poor go through in their daily lives; and understand income inequality and the need for progressive taxation, and how trickle-down economics is a fake theory.  You must be grounded in the history and traditions of the Democratic Party and know and stick to its Platform (things like FDR’s New Deal, Second New Deal, and LBJ’s Great Society).   Candidates must understand that the new Republican Party can never be our friends until they reject the teachings of their leaders:

  • Supreme Court Justice Clayton Powell’s 1971 Memo;
  • The Two Santa Claus Theory of Rev. Jude Wilinksy;
  • Billionaire Fred Koch’s John Bircher doctrines;
  • Resigned President Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy;
  • Grover Norquist’s government so small it can be drowned in a bathtub (starve the beast);
  • Senator Joseph McCarthy’s red scare strategy;
  • Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s Federalist Society writings;
  • Project for a New American Century (P-NAC) writings;
  • David Stockman’s fake Reaganomics and trickle-down economics theories that have been disproven;
  • Lee Atwater’s campaign tactics;
  • Republican Dog Whistle Politics;
  • Donald Segretti’s Ratfucking;
  • The Young Republicans of Nixon’s 1968 and 1972 campaigns (Karl Rove, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramhof, George W. Bush, Grover Norquist, Robert Stone and Paul Manafort);
  • Paul Ryan’s worship of the phony theories of Ayn Rand and her orgy lover Alan Greenspan;
  • Steve Bannon’s Breitbart tirades;
  • Any uttering of Newt Gringinch, Rudu Guilianni, Mitch McConnell, George Will, Peggy Noonan, Tom Friedman, Pardoned Oliver North; Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Louie Gormert, or other Fox News Contributor.

Then maybe we can talk.

What about making all Automatics, Semi-Automatic and sniper rifles illegal except at “Gun Clubs.”  Gun Clubs would have highly secure “Militia Depots” that would be licensed and annually inspected by states and insured by blanket national coverage.  People would be required to turn over all these outlawed guns and ammunition to a Gun Club, (they would be credited for their ammo) by a certain date.  Gun Clubs would be administered by the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America (other certified gun groups?), each state’s State Police firearms program, and the individual state National Guard.  The Militia Depots would be secure facilities where guns are locked away and then people could check the guns out and use them at an approved shooting range so that people practice for our “militias.”  People would pay for their own daily expenses at the Gun Club and at the end of the day would secure the arms at the Militia Depots.  All this would be regulated by Congress as a “Well-regulated Militia” the wording directly out of the Second Amendment.  Plus let’s have a $10,000 fine for people that don’t turn over their guns, with $5,000 coming from NRA so they have some skin in the game.

Just an amazing title that maybe a few people claiming to be Christians and who also voted for Trump will begin to wake up with.

JL says on FaceBook: “With the slate of natural disasters that have hit our country lately, hurricanes, fires, floods, Trump, I wonder what is next.  Are we going to have ticks in Tennessee, Tsee tsee flies in Texas, or mice in Minnesota?  Anyway, rest assured that the increase in severe storms and raging fires seen in our country is purely coincidental and that when the law of averages evens out we will be fine—why?, because we know climate change is a hoax.

To which a climate change denier posts: “WHAT scientific evidence is the basis of your quote, do tell?”  Which I answer: The evidence is even more than the media can report. In a half hour news show, 22 minutes after commercials, about 7 can be dedicated to cover all these things….

Does this mean the victims of Harvey will wake up anytime now to discover that their tragic losses were just part of a hoax?  This is what Rush Limbaugh’s show was about last week (heard some clips for the week ending September 8, 2017—I don’t actually listen to the madman).

No, I think Hurricane Harvey and Irma are real.  We also had sunspots Friday September the 8th blocking cell phone communications, the 8.1 earthquake in Mexico City (at sea it was the largest earthquake in 200 years in that region), the hundreds of forest fires in Washington, CA, MT, Idaho, Wyoming.  Seems like the Anti-Christ might be causing this.  Is it Trump?

Trump reading a prepared statement on September 9th: “it is a bad, bad storm.”   He was looking down reading but maybe he was trying to ad-lib?  The incompetence is beyond all belief and explanation.  People are dying here, if you can’t lead, get the hell out of the way!  On many occasions he is at Camp David on a rest and the photo-ops find him out of the “Situation Room” by himself playing with his phone for hours at a time.  Like a spoiled child put in “Time-Out.”

The next waves of disaster can be fueled by floods: rodents, insects and virus are opportunists. They will move inland from the swamps and more people will die and will be permanently disabled if they recover.  Over-populations of rodents bring with them the Bubonic Plague and Hanta Virus; mosquitos will come into undrained flood areas—in as simple as a unmanaged flower pot—bringing West Nile Virus, Encyplaleus, malaria and other diseases usually eradicated.   Cholera and other medieval ages diseases will flow out of backed-up sewers. “This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into Ollie“…..

Meanwhile Nero fiddles and plays golf….