A fraud, a pedophile, a pot dealer and Paul Ryan all walk into a bar.

Bartender says “Wow, the last four Republican House Speakers all in one place.”

No joke. That’s the legacy of Gingrich, Hastert, Boehner and Ryan.
What is Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Legacy?





Ximena Barreto: obviously you are a very young person and very unaware of this country’s history especially in regards to Lynchings.  I notice by your name you are Latina and probably have Catholics in your family.  Did you know as recently as the 1920’s about two hundred Catholic Churches were burned or vandalized in Indiana by the Ku Klux Klan?  Many Blacks, Jews and a few Latinos were also lynched.  The KKK aligned with the Republican Party was set after their million Man March in Washington, D.C. to run D.C. Stephenson as their Presidential Candidate against Herbert Hoover.  Paid membership had risen from 4 to 7 million members.  With many other family members riding the paid membership of the KKK head of household.  Indiana was solely controlled by the Republicans and D.C. Stephenson had a little black box of index cards of all the sworn KKK members and how much money they owned him in loans or paving projects.  Over 100 members of the legislature.  So in 1925 Stephenson was tried and convicted (Stephenson v. State) for the notorious adoption, rape and murder of a young white woman, Madge Oberholtzer, a state education official; he started squealing on Klan officials in 1927.   By the 1928 Election the KKK membership fell to 20,000.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D._C._Stephenson

There are many other examples of lynching Latinos especially in Texas where it was too far to ride to justice, where the outcome was pre-ordained anyway.

Ximena Barreto could you be on the wrong side of history?


Liked the Metcalf Minute on the Call To Reason radio show on April 15, 2018, where Mr. Metcalf says we need to look beyond the Trump Presidency and see what damage has been done to it.  Like when he attacks Syria—is it warranted or just a distraction.  Will all the Tweets be archived and show the back and forth of a madman? Will legislators come in and say the President’s power must be limited?  Limitation could tie the hands of a Chief Executive in times of economic crisis, or the Commander-in-Chief in a time of war.

His bottom line was can we ever trust the President again especially when we have such a divided government?

The 51%-49% elections we always seem to have, give no mandate to any leader.  Red wins; Blue loses.  Blue wins; Red loses.  The American populace is just always angry at the “other.”  Trump has made no attempt to heal the divide or to declare he will lead the ENTIRE population of the Nation.   He was perfectly willing to feed his base raw meat.   Can we EVER really come together?

I wonder about the fate of the Presidency also. It was an issue after Nixon and Watergate, and the Congress restrained itself in political reform; they based this on their thought: “it could never happen again.”  But it did happen and to a much worse extent.   Maybe because of our technology and our extreme income equality (larger than any nation’s in the history of the world).  What role will the President occupy in the public square?  Will we ever honor another President like we did the first 43 (I leave out Obama because of the meme: “black man in the WHITE House—notice capitalization for the reverence the “Red” states had for him).  Trump made policy and firings by illiterate Tweets.  With 5-6 Tweets coming out in a day starting at 3 A.M.—his leadership or lack of had people jumping: his staff, the Congress, the media, the agencies, and the entire American populace.  Was the policy a thoughtful exercise of power or a spoiled cheeseburger too late at night?  Was the policy influenced by his Russia lien-holder Putin or by the Press that told him he has tiny hands (and I guess a small penis by inference).

Which head does this guy think with?

Go back to Nixon—later known as Trickey Dick—when he was young—he was a smart lawyer, an upstanding member of the community, a war veteran; who through increasing paranoia, exceeded his power and obstructed justice in his cover-up.  Until the LBJ tapes were released by the National Archives we didn’t understand what had happened own the 1968 Election.  The treason committed over Vietnam that led to the 1972 Watergate Complex break-in to the DNC headquarters.


I know many people are going to say “all”…

But some are really done in a conniving way to bolster the base and reward them.

We really need to show you the illogic of it all.

Trump Administration Is Considering Allowing Mandatory Drug Testing for Food Stamp Recipients


Was it Michigan that did this and found the rate to be less than 2% while the general population was like 10%?  The cost to do the testing exceeded the repayment of benefits like 100 fold.

This “pleases” the base; but is no more than a stunt.

The thing about Food Stamps is that is ties to the federal Commodities program milk, cheese, etc. that the USDA uses to offload surplus food that it buys with farm subsidies. Burying the food is very expensive and immoral. Cutting the farm subsidies would hurt the Republican Party so much…..wake up…..

Every time I see mandatory drug testing for food stamp recipients I have to laugh… seriously people do you not know that most food stamp recipients are on Medicare?… aka… they’re old…. they’ll be more than happy to pee…

Trump is adding a key citizenship question to the 2020 census that will DISCOURAGE entire communities from participating.

As a result, people will not be accurately represented in Congress, and Republicans will be able to gerrymander our Congressional districts even MORE.




Trump considers Depression-era program to bail out farmers caught in his trade war with China: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2018/04/11/trump-considers-depression-era-program-to-bail-out-farmers-caught-in-his-trade-war-with-china/?utm_term=.aecdec7b7d12&wpisrc=al_economy%2Fbusiness__alert-politics–alert-economy&wpmk=1








When a man is a pathological liar (over 2,000 lies in less than a year since he has taken up residence at the White House); why would you want to know anything he says?  You certainly can’t believe it, and when it is as juvenile as the Trump’s speech is—why ever would you want anything repeated?  He is not a Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln.  He will NEVER be on any currency and has already achieved his legacy of being on toilet paper.

So here goes from the White House Blog:

The next phase of America’s comeback
Last month, President Donald J. Trump called upon Congress and State and local governments to embrace his Infrastructure Initiative, which aims to spur $1.5 trillion in investment through a combination of Federal funding and incentivized non-Federal funding.

Today, the President travels to Ohio to make his case directly to the American people. He will visit an expansive training site for members of the International Union of Operating Engineers, a diversified trade union that includes heavy equipment operators, mechanics and surveyors, and stationary engineers.

Here is what he will tell Ohioans:

  • This Administration is fighting every day to protect, defend, and grow American jobs. That includes eliminating a record number of job-killing regulations.
  • We have unleashed American energy independence – foreign energy imports are at their lowest level in nearly 40 years.
  • The next phase of America’s economic comeback is to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure. We will breathe new life into our run-down highways, railways, and waterways, and we will transform our roads and bridges—all under budget and ahead of schedule.


Watch President Trump’s speech to Ohio live at 2:00 p.m. ET.

Learn more: How fixing infrastructure will build a stronger economy


Fixing bad trade deals
Since the U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement (KORUS) went into effect in 2012, the U.S. trade in goods deficit has grown from $13.2 billion to $22.9 billion—an increase of 73 percent. In July of last year, at the direction of President Trump, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer began negotiations with South Korea to amend KORUS.

As a result, South Korea is doubling the number of American automobiles that can enter its market each year using U.S. safety standards from 25,000 to 50,000 per manufacturer. South Korea also agreed to address its onerous and costly customs procedures that have hindered U.S. exports, as well as limit its steel imports into the United States with a product-specific quota.

“We want to make a deal that’s fair for the United States and fair for South Korea,” President Trump said. And thanks to Trade Rep. Lighthizer’s work, the Administration has done just that.

Learn more about how President Trump is keeping his promise to fix the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement.


The next generation of conservative leaders
Attendees at the White House “Generation Next” forum last week included millennials who are small business owners, farmers, journalists, policy analysts, and leaders on college campuses. Charlie Kirk, founder of the conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA, led a Q&A with President Trump in front of about 150 of these young men and women.

A few of President Trump’s quotes from the conversation:

  • In response to a question about free speech on college campuses: “I think the numbers are actually much different than people think. I think we have a lot of support.”
  • On the economy: “You know, we were at about 1.2 percent GDP. We’ve now hit 3, and another 3, and a 3.2. . . . Our businesses are flourishing.”
  • On a former classmate who demonstrates the importance of vocational schools: “That person could fix an engine or a motor so—he was incredible. Blind folded.”<End>

Part Two:

It’s time to rebuild
“America is a Nation, like you, of builders. A Nation of pioneers. A Nation that accepts no limits,” President Donald J. Trump told a group of workers outside of Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday. “We don’t give up.”

With those words, the President launched what he likes to call “the next phase of America’s economic comeback”—an investment of more than $1.5 trillion in Federal and non-Federal spending to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure. The plan incentivizes State, local, and private investment while getting Washington out of the way with fewer regulatory hurdles and a streamlined permitting process.

“Washington spent trillions building up foreign countries while allowing OUR OWN infrastructure to fall into a state of total disrepair,” President Trump tweeted yesterday. “No more! It’s time to REBUILD, and we will do it with American WORKERS, American GRIT, and American PRIDE!”

Read more: How President Trump wants Washington to start investing in America again


A weekend of sacred celebrations
Many Americans will observe important religious holidays this weekend as the calendar turns to April. Tonight marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover, which continues until the evening of April 7. Today is also the Christian observance of Good Friday, followed by Easter Sunday this weekend.

President Trump offers his blessings to followers of both faiths. “At this holy time of the year, families across our Nation gather in homes, churches, and synagogues to light candles and to praise God,” the President says in a video address. “Both of these sacred celebrations remind us that God’s love redeems the world.”

The First Family will also host the 140th Annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House’s South Lawn this Monday.

Watch President Trump’s video message for Passover and Easter


Can’t argue with results
Thanks to the tax cuts signed into law by President Trump in December, more than 470 companies have announced pay raises, bonuses, utility rate cuts, 401(k) hikes, or other expanded benefits, according to the nonprofit Americans for Tax Reform.

This week, McDonald’s—as of 2015, the world’s second-largest private employer—joined this growing list. The company is expanding its education benefits program for workers, in some cases even tripling the amount of money employees are eligible to receive to help pay for college or trade school tuition.

News also broke this week that U.S. jobless claims have declined to their lowest level since 1973. “Can’t argue with the results,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted. “President Trump’s policies are working.”

Read more: President Trump’s tax cuts are a windfall for Americans

1.Give him a chance, he is a political newcomer.

2. He is picking the best and brightest for his cabinet and they will help him out.

3. Let him pull the country together.

4. The Chief of Staff Pribus will pull it all together.

5 Bannon is gone.

6. He will not govern by Tweets.

7. He is draining the swamp; that’s why it looks so chaotic.

8. Let the adults in the room govern.

9. Limit his power over nuclear weapons by the generals taking charge.

10. General Kelley will keep him in line.

11. He really doesn’t need that many people in government so we can have all these vacancies.

12. He manages best when he can hear all viewpoints even those opposing him.

13. Let him fire a few people and get that Reality TV show out of his system.  Chaos is good.  Who is “President David Dennison” is that his alias?


Can we just get rid of the man?; he is not a god.  Everyone in the World would be better off.  25th Amendment is very easy to do; assemble the 7 remaining cabinet officials and call it.

So today March 19, 2018, on Thom Hartmann the Facebook Data manipulation was discussed.


Cambridge Analytica Ain’t Nuthin:
Look out for i360 and DataTrust
By Greg Palast

There are two dangers in the media howl over Trump’s computer gurus Cambridge Analytica, the data-driven psy-ops company founded by billionaire brown-shirts, the Mercer Family.

The story is that Cambridge Analytica, once directed by Steve Bannon, by shoplifting Facebook profiles to bend your brain, is some unique “bad apple” of the cyber world.

That’s a dangerously narrow view. In fact, the dark art of dynamic psychometric manipulation in politics was not pioneered by Cambridge Analytica for Trump, but by i360 Themis, the operation founded by… no points for guessing… the Brothers Koch.

Mark Swedlund, himself an expert in these tools, explained in film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, that i360 dynamically tracks you on 1800 behaviors, or as Swedlund graphically puts it [see clip above],
“They know the last time you downloaded porn and
whether you ordered Chinese food before you voted.”
Swedlund adds his expert conclusion: “I think that’s creepy.”

The Koch operation and its competitor, DataTrust, use your credit card purchases, cable TV choices and other personal info — which is far more revealing about your inner life than the BS you put on your Facebook profile. Don’t trust DataTrust: This cyber-monster is operated by Karl Rove, “Bush’s Brain,” who is principally funded by Paul Singer, the far Right financier better known as The Vulture.

Way too much is made of the importance of Cambridge Analytica stealing data through a phony app. If you’ve ever filled out an online survey, Swedlund told me, they’ve got you — legally.

The second danger is to forget that the GOP has been using computer power to erase the voting rights of Black and Hispanic voters for years — by “caging,” “Crosscheck,” citizenship challenges based on last name (Garcia? Not American!!), the list goes on — a far more effective use of cyberpower than manipulating your behavior through Facebook ads.

Just last week, Kris Kobach, Secretary of State of Kansas and Trump’s chief voting law advisor, defended his method of hunting alleged “aliens” on voter rolls against a legal challenge by the ALCU. Kobach’s expert, Jessie Richman, uses a computer algorithm that can locate “foreign” names on voter rolls. He identified, for example, one “Carlos Murguia” as a potential alien voter. Murguia is a Kansas-born judge who presides in a nearby courtroom.

It would be a joke, except that Kobach’s “alien” hunt has blocked one in seven new (i.e. young) voters from registering in the state. If Kobach wins, it will, like his Crosscheck purge program and voter ID laws, almost certainly spread to other GOP controlled states. This could ultimately block one million new voters, exactly what Trump had in mind by pushing the alien-voter hysteria.
Become A Kobach Litigation Supporter
Help us fund our mass litigation operation against Kris Kobach (Trump’s Vote-Thief-in-Chief). For now, details must remain confidential.

The Cambridge Analytica story was first reported by The Guardian and Observer in 2015. Did we listen? Did any US paper carry the story the British paper worked on for years? So, my first reaction reading this story was nostalgia — for the time when I was a reporter with The Guardian and Observer investigations team. We could spend a year digging deep into complex stories, working with crazy insiders. There, in 2000, I uncovered another cyber-crime: Using database matching to purge felons from Florida voter rolls. (None, in fact, were felons; most were Democrats.)

I moved back to America, but found I had to give up any hope of doing true, deep investigative reports for newspapers in my own country. US papers will sometimes re-report Guardian news, but American media almost never initiates deep investigation. And THAT, fear of the cost, difficulty and risk in digging out the truth, is a greater threat to America than Steve Bannon.