There really needs to be healing of the Democratic Party. I started this post on April 27, 2017 and it is now 12-9-2017 and it hasn’t gotten much better. We now know that Russian money and agents and bots are continuing to exploit the Bernie-Hillary rift. Plus I imagine that any Al Franken information is also tainted since he became such a champion against them.

But back to the original topic. The fight over who is right is destroying our chances in 2018 and 2020 and is getting so junior highish that it is really not worth listening to. We known (or should know) that political parties are messy and antiquated so expecting them to do the right thing is a little naive.

The thing we can do is to take over the Democratic Party with good people and the issues are solved.

Hillary-Bernie: A Breach that Must be Healed Healing Democratic party


(Not a lot of savings–go into Defense for $2-300 billion.  They are starting to spend a lot overseas.  Chinese electronics on our fighters [kind of unprecedented].)

President Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget proposal would completely eliminate 66 federal programs, for a savings of $26.7 billion.

Some of the programs would receive funding for 2018 as part of a phasing-out plan.

Here are the programs the administration wants on the chopping block.

Agriculture Department — $855 million

·       McGovern-Dole International Food for Education

·       Rural Business-Cooperative Service

·       Rural Water and Waste Disposal Program Account

·       Single Family Housing Direct Loans

Commerce Department — $633 million

·       Economic Development Administration

·       Manufacturing Extension Partnership

·       Minority Business Development Agency

·       National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Grants and Education

Education Department — $4.976 billion

·       21st Century Community Learning Centers

·       Comprehensive Literacy Development Grants

·       Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

·       Impact Aid Payments for Federal Property

·       International Education

·       Strengthening Institutions

·       Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants

·       Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants

·       Teacher Quality Partnership

Energy Department — $398 million

·       Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy

·       Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program and Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program

·       Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility

Health and Human Services — $4.834 billion

·       Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

·       Community Services Block Grant

·       Health Professions and Nursing Training Programs

·       Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Homeland Security — $235 million

·       Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis Program

·       Transportation Security Administration Law Enforcement Grants

Housing and Urban Development — $4.123 billion

·       Choice Neighborhoods

·       Community Development Block

·       HOME Investment Partnerships Program

·       Self-Help and Assisted Homeownership Opportunity Program Account

Interior Department — $122 million

·       Abandoned Mine Land Grants

·       Heritage Partnership Program

·       National Wildlife Refuge Fund

Justice Department — $210 million

·       State Criminal Alien Assistance Program


Labor Department — $527 million

·       Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Training

·       OSHA Training Grants

·       Senior Community Service Employment Program


State Department and USAID — $4.256 billion

·       Development Assistance

Earmarked Appropriations for Non-Profit Organizations

·       The Asia Foundation

·       East-West Center

·       P.L. 480 Title II Food Aid


State Department, USAID, and Treasury Department — $1.59 billion

·       Green Climate Fund and Global Climate Change Initiative


Transportation Department — $499 million

·       National Infrastructure Investments (TIGER)

Treasury Department — $43 million

·       Global Agriculture and Food Security Program

Environmental Protection Agency — $493 million

·       Energy Star and Voluntary Climate Programs

·       Geographic Programs

National Aeronautics and Space Administration — $269 million

·       Five Earth Science Missions

·       Office of Education


Other Independent Agencies — $2.683 billion

·       Chemical Safety Board

·       Corporation for National and Community Service

·       Corporation for Public Broadcasting

·       Institute of Museum and Library Services

International Development Foundations

·       African Development Foundation

·       Inter-American Foundation

·       Legal Services Corporation

·       National Endowment for the Arts

·       National Endowment for the Humanities

·       Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation

·       Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Regional Commissions

·       Appalachian Regional Commission

·       Delta Regional Authority

·       Denali Commission

·       Northern Border Regional Commission

·       U.S. Institute of Peace

·       U.S. Trade and Development Agency

·       Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

 Trump Budget Cuts

The title says a lot and I hope the reader understands the GOP’s bizarre fascination of sex but then the denial that they are ever involved in it.  Look at Fox News and the blonde bimbos that show maximum cleavage and sit on a couch with skirt with open legs.  This isn’t news it is pornography.

The GOP’s wheels out Michele Bachman (whose husband was banging a boy they made a financial settlement with), Marcia Blackburn, etc., and all these women have excessive makeup and lifting bras like you would expect a strip tease artist to dress like.


Let me throw out a few names Denny Hastert, Bob Livingston, Larry Craig, Gingrich, Giuliani, Domenici

There is something wrong with these WASP’s politicians of the Republican Party, I am writing something about it but it is so perverse, that I can’t stand it and I put it on hold. In defense of Bill Clinton during the Impeachment investigation, Hustler editor, Larry Flynt, also from Arkansas, offered a million dollar reward for sexual dirt on sitting Republican congressmen. He got over 100 validated replies (which is basically 1 in 5 of the 535). Only a few were released and caused the resignation of proposed Speaker of the House Bob Livingston. I wonder who the rest were? Denny Hastert, Larry Craig, Gingrich, Giuliani, Domenici, etc.

The title refers to a television reality show I was trying to pitch, where I and my flip phone from 1994, would be in fact the last man in America to have an ancient flip phone that actually was in use and made the owner content without the need to upgrade and stand in line for hours while pitching a tent over-night to get the newest cell phone model.  You know because you have seen the over one trillion dollars in advertising that has gone on, just in the United States.  The general public is conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to salivate at the ringing of the bell when a new cell phone comes out.

Yet, the smaller and smaller phones will make those people go blind in ten years, and know the latest trend of bigger and bigger phones will cause more brain cancer and testicular cancer than ever before.

You know, from just reading this, that my television reality show would be much more interesting than the Kardashians or Honey Boo-Boo or the Housewives of Dallas—or whatever Hillbilly-based drama is proposed next.  Certainly much more entertaining and real than “You’re Fired trump” or whatever that idiot’s show was named.

The cell phone itself was building up such character for its debut.  It had a piece of Timothy Hay stuck under the cover, and despite my annual cleanings had a well deposited grease in those hard to reach areas.  The cover’s string was unraveling.  The seen through plastic was aging gracefully.  The belt clip was still also functional.  It was so small and compact that it was completely in tune with the rest of the world.  One hinge was broken but it kept on ticking…

My cell phone was a trusted protector—a truly noble steed—keeping my monthly bill at $9.99 a month for life as a second phone, according to it’s 1994 contract—then blocking SPAM because the data capabilities it had were so limited no SPAM could come through.    People would “text” and I could never read them before the phone shut off and restarted—so I was isolated from the outside world of commercialism, tragedy, and drama.

But, alas in 2017, my faithful companion hit the padded carpet and the other hinge dislodged and the display died.  it still would turn on and off on its original battery, but I couldn’t manipulate it anymore.  In going to the cell phone store the 20-something salesman said: “I’ve never seen a pone like this, and our training never covered it.”  He assured my wife and I, that the warehouse must have kept a data transfer cable from this bygone age.   And they did have it.

It bit the dust before fame and fortune could be ours….

Well, of course this posting is about Donald J, Trump, but at this time it is more of a placeholder, until his next outrageous behavior.  Of course over the next week or two, there will be a series of tweets that will fill this column completely up, and we will move onto something even more unpresidential and UnAmerican.

It could be about General H.R. McMasters comments about Trump.  The top national security official dismissed the president variously as an “idiot” and a “dope” with the intelligence of a “kindergartner,” sources said.  But it is really so much broader than this.

Thom Hartmann has devoted a lot of time to this topic that he terms Corporate Personhood

“Transcript: Thom’s Corporate Personhood rant, 09 September 2009” is attached below.  It was such a convoluted legal history and in reality has no basis in fact.

The Brennan Center for Justice exposes the fallacy in the Corporations as Persons arguments in the cases Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby and Citizens’ United.  These legal beagles show Thom’s logic is spot on.

The Republican use of “Corporations as Persons” is going to new extremes with this:


The new House Republican tax bill includes a hidden provision giving “personhood” rights to a fetus from the moment of conception. It’s clearly intended to lay the groundwork to ban all abortion—and we’re calling them out.1

We’ve just announced a six-figure advertising campaign to warn voters about this anti-choice sneak attack. The ad campaign is strategically targeted in districts where anti-choice representatives are especially out of step with their voters, including districts where Trump lost to Hillary Clinton.

We still have time to kill this awful provision in the Senate bill, but we need to keep up the pressure NOW before the House votes next week. Will you chip in $15?

Yes, I’ll chip in $15 to defend choice and help keep these ads running to stop the deceptive “personhood” provision in the GOP tax bill.

Hidden in the 429-page bill is a provision that establishes “personhood” by giving legal rights to a fetus for the purposes of college savings accounts. That might seem innocuous, but once that legal precedent is established, it’s a short step to banning abortion outright.

This provision preys on the dream so many Americans have—to make college even a little bit more affordable for their children—while doing nothing of the sort. It’s a cynical bait-and-switch to insert language so radical that even voters in red states have rejected it.

The GOP’s ultimate goal is to ban abortion; they know they can’t do that head on, so they’re using the tax code to chip away at abortion rights. This charade takes the horror of this tax bill to an entirely new level.

But 7 in 10 Americans support abortion rights—and these radical “personhood” proposals are deeply unpopular. They’ve even been defeated on the ballot in states as red as Mississippi. That’s why we’re launching this ad campaign to call out the “personhood” sneak attack in the GOP tax bill.

Will you chip in $15 to defend choice and stop the hidden “personhood” provision in the GOP tax bill?

Thank you for helping to make abortion rights real for all women,

Ilyse Hogue
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

Transcript: Thom’s Corporate Personhood rant, 09 September 2009 (by Sue N):

Thom Hartmann: Okay, let me just lay this out. Back in 1885, January 26th, 1885, Delphin Delmas was the lawyer who had been hired by the county of Santa Clara to argue this case before the Supreme Court. Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad. Prior to that, he had for free on behalf of the county, argued a case which actually led to the saving of the redwoods. There literally would be no redwoods left in the United States were it not for Delphin Delmas, this lawyer. An amazing man. And early around 1906 or 1907, he defended a famous murder case, a movie was made out of it called “The Lady in the Red Swing”. He’s got a very colorful history, this guy.

But in any case, before the Supreme Court the Southern Pacific Railroad argued in this case that the 14th amendment which says ‘no person shall be denied equal protection under the law’ should apply to them as a corporation. In other words, that as a corporation they should have rights under the constitution because the 14th amendment, when it was written to free the slaves in the 1870’s, the 14th amendment didn’t say ‘no natural person shall be denied equal protection under the law.’ Instead it says ‘no person.’ And for hundreds of years of common law we had this distinction between natural persons, you and me, and artificial persons: churches, governments, corporations.

And so Delphin Delmas, on January 26th, 1885, this is in my book, “Unequal Protection”. In fact, I think it’s the only place that it’s ever been published, because I actually found the notes, Delphin Delmas’s own notes of his arguments before the Supreme Court. This is what he said before the court. He said, “The defendant claims [that the state’s taxation policy]…” this had to do with two different counties taxing the railroad at two different rates, and they said, “that violates the portion of the 14th amendment which provides that no state shall be denied any person within its jurisdiction equal protection of the laws.” He said, “The shield behind which [the Southern Pacific Railroad] attacks the Constitution and laws of California is the Fourteenth Amendment. It argues that the amendment guarantees to every person within the jurisdiction of the State the equal protection of the laws; that a corporation is a person; that, therefore, it must receive the same protection as that accorded to all other persons in like circumstances. …

To my mind, the fallacy, if I may be permitted so to term it, of the argument lies in the assumption that corporations are entitled to be governed by the laws that are applicable to natural persons. That, it is said, results from the fact that corporations are [artificial] persons, and that the last clause of the Fourteenth Amendment refers to all persons without distinction.

The defendant has been at pains to show that corporations are persons, and that being such they are entitled to the protection of the Fourteenth Amendment. … The question is, Does that amendment place corporations on a footing of equality with individuals?

And then he goes on to the whole thing he says, “When the law says, ‘Any person being of sound mind and of the age of discretion may make a will,’ or ‘any person having arrived at the age of majority may marry,’ I presume the most ardent advocate of equality of protection would hardly contend that corporations must enjoy the right of testamentary disposition or of contracting matrimony.” And he goes on from there, basically pointing out that people and corporations are completely different things.

Here is the big problem. If this court rules that corporations can participate in political discourse, right now we have laws that prohibit, remember the whole Al Gore, the Buddhist temple thing, how some of that money was coming from off-shore. Turned out it wasn’t, but you know, it got the right wingers pretty hysterical for a while.

We have corporations in the United States that are owned in large part by entities that are not in the United States. In fact some of them are owned by the Government of Communist China, large chunks of their stock. About 20% of the members of the boards of directors of the hundred largest corporations in America, the Fortune 100 companies, about 20% of their boards are non-US citizens. We’re talking transnational corporations. Their interests are not the same of those as a citizen.

And yet it looks like our Supreme Court is about to give them the rights that you and I have to political free speech. Because it is going to assert, and it has asserted over the years, in this case that I’m talking about, Santa Clara County VS. Southern Pacific Railroad, actually the court did not rule that corporations were persons, but they have been claiming that ever since then because the clerk of the court, John Chandler Bancroft Davis, former President of the Newburg and New York railroad, wrote into a head note – the commentary on the case – which has no legal standing, a quote from the chief justice who had since died, he was dying of congestive heart failure during the year the proceedings happened, he died the next year. This was published two years later. He wrote that the chief justice said, “a corporation is a person and therefore entitled to protection under the 14th amendment.” When nobody knows if the chief justice said that. Even if he did, it doesn’t matter. It’s not the case. So what this is going to come down to, is whether corporations have the rights of persons in the United States, whether they have free speech rights and, this is just a huge, huge issue.

For more detail see Thom’s book “Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights” (excerpt).

Transcribed by Suzanne Roberts, Portland Psychology Clinic.

Alabama a wonderful place to visit.  But I guess you have got to be a different type to live there….