The Republican Party of the United States of America (I want to differentiate btyeween the one associated with Russia), is a party composed of sheep, which can’t think for themselves are are required to follow in line to food, water and eventual slaughter.

Individual voters for the GOP (Grand Old Party) are required to vote against their own best self interests; and frankly those best interests of the nation.

Examples of these destructive tendencies of the GOP are in religious circles (evangelist christian circles: Letters to Lucy); in Tax Policy  ( in the destruction of the post office (  in virtually all of Donald Trump’s words.

Almost all GOP voters profess to be “good” people; people who have a good heart and are pure in thought—yet they aligned themselves with Trump one of the most evil and corrupt humans to ever inhabit the plant Earth.  Why?  What traits or accomplishments would lure them into a Cult?  What traits or accomplishments would hold them intact in a Cult that has been exposed?   This is the mystery of our lifetimes.

Knowing how bad Adolf Hitler turned out to be, and how slowly he took over Germany with a populist movement of Germany First; why would Trump supporters not recognize these danger signs and distance themselves?  Support for Trump has once again risen despite his many flaws, missteps, lies and personal profits that have been reported on.

It is a truly sad fascist time in United States history and imperative to destroy the GOP as it has become.


Since 1860’s (Napoleon III’s installation of Maximilllan) there have been about 25 “ruling families” in Mexico that were—wait for it—installed—propped up by United States’ financial interests—-these ruling families have stopped all reforms especially about farmers owning their own land. Further, ruling families dabbled in the quick money of drugs and “enabled” the cartels to take over because of their violence. The corruption of the two previous political parties messed up a lot of positive change (dare I say like R’s and D’s). Mexico has a lot of raw resources so they should be doing better than they are. Their primary education system to the 6th grade was actually stronger than ours up to 2015; their telecommunications system was free to residents and coverage better than ours up for the period 2000-2015. For our immediate neighbor with 20-30 million of its former people here over the last 5 generations—we really know little about the country of Mexico.


We have a 2,600 foot driveway and 26 large ant hills on it. Most have moved to the crown of the road so cars don’t drive over it. This keeps them out of flooding also. The small rocks they bring up add to the base course. But that is about 100 feet between colonies and have been maintained this way for over 25 years. The colonies have between 100 to 300 feet of scavenging land on either side. The ants disperse across the property and remove weed seeds and other insects—so in this respect they are very beneficial. I poison the red fire ants when they come in after the monsoons and are real small (they are too aggressive). Often the large black ants will do this for me. So it is a beneficial relationship. This year with it so dry they started cutting down the weeds growing in the road; so i didn’t even have to do that.

So with Donald John Trump in the White House the New “Normal” is at an all time low for World humanity.  Something akin to a Genghis Kahn—Adolph Hitler persona.  Being the moral leader of the world while displaying no morals at all.  Damn the “political correctness’; now is the time to ‘rape and pillage’ because it is so fun for Trump.  Make America Great Again for the Robber Barons.

So you the reader and I, can make formal legal arguments in Court that say: “well, Trump does it; then it is the New Normal.”  Foreclosure, breaking contracts, avoiding military service, not paying taxes, not releasing tax returns for transparency, suing people without being accused of filing frivolous lawsuits, SLAPP lawsuits to keep people quiet, etc.   With the caliber of people Trump is appointing to the courts, these arguments are just a part of the pay-to-play system he is establishing.  There were 3,500 lawsuits Trump was involved in by 2016; currently it is 4,200.  I doubt that all the other 44 presidents added together have more than 25 lawsuits.

Lying.  This is a special category for Trump.  That is how he amassed a fortune and protects it.  3,001 lies in 400 days in office.

Trump really likes women and wants to protect them and for them to have equal rights; as long as he is watching Jeff Epstein rape underage ones, or he himself is having unprotected sex with a porn star, or he is grabbing them by the P.  BUT…..the Equal Rights protections in federal law—-this is going way too far…..Obama did that Lilly Ledbetter Act to protect women in the workplace, and if the Black guy did it—IT HAS TO BE UNDONE.  Sorry women—get to the back of the bus.

Crime.  There is a lot of stealing from the American People.  From breaking the Emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution (Trump asked me what that is just now); to breaking other federal laws of mixing his business with his duties.

Plus other things:

  • talking in some sort of English gibberish because you detest teleprompter.  For Pete’s sake, please try to act presidential.  Stop the smirks and hand gestures.
  • Stop the Tweets.
  • Pay attention to the experts on the issue you “know all about.”  Because you don’t.  You know nothing, as far as I can tell.
  • Delegate to those that know more than you.
  • Get a haircut and stay out of the sun.  Or stop putting on the orange glow juice.
  • Lose some weight.

What will children think growing up under Trump?  What is abnormal now?

What in the above paragraphs is okay for them to do, if Trump does it all?  And with impunity.

I was standing in front of the U.S. Post Office gathering signatures for candidates when a Vietnam Veteran came up and said he could not dignify any candidate with his vote because they were all for illegal wars and maintaining poverty of the We The People, and on and on for five minutes. Then I said: did you ever think that by not voting against the people that are doing evil things you are in fact perpetuating those evil things? He said ohhh…..


When Carl went into the legislature he was very lucky to have his Uncle Rep. Jim Trujillo to show him the ropes. It takes at least a year at best to really get comfortable in the role. Andrea is actually having a triple whammy against her: she is young, a woman and defeated an incumbent. The N.M. Legislature is like a club and you can not violate three off its rules off the bat and not be shunned. She will need a mentor and perhaps the PAC groups can supply this or else it will be a waste of two years.  The above based on just shy of 50 years of observation.

In District 46 we may need the Archbishop to conduct a Reconciliation Mass. Before it was Trujillo vs. Romero there was Aamodt and easements, and the Entrada and the Onate Fiesta. Then throw in some drugs and addiction, with lots of poverty……

I keep hearing that Trump has ridden a wave of Populism into the White House (he has started his election campaign some six months ago).  But I just don’t believe it, and wanted to write something to dispute this.  I feel he is as Populist as Hitler was—whereby people so desperate because of opiodes, inflation and job losses are willing to turn to anything to numb the pain.

From James Vickers (so often ahead of the curve on these things): I keep seeing attempts to conflate Nationalism and Fascism, with Populism. They’re not the same.

pop·u·lism [póppyə lìzzəm]
1. politics unfavorable to elite: politics or political ideology based on the perceived interests of ordinary people, as opposed to those of a privileged elite
2. focus on ordinary people: focus or emphasis on the lives of ordinary people, e.g. in the arts and in politics

Nothing wrong with this. But this article reminds me of something I posted the other day. Trump is “enabling” or “emboldening” deplorable, prejudiced people, to do things they would not have done until Trump encouraged and pumped up their racism. They’re calling the cops on black people for innocuous things they would not have normally done. A border agent literally murdered a girl the other day. And I’m sure their acts will continue.
na·tion·al·ism [náshən’l ìzzəm, náshnə lìzzəm]
1. desire for political independence: the desire to achieve political independence, especially by a country under foreign control or by a people with a separate identity and culture but no state of their own
2. patriotism: proud loyalty and devotion to a nation
3. excessive devotion to nation: excessive or fanatical devotion to a nation and its interests, often associated with a belief that one country is superior to all others

Definition #3 is the one most to fear. We see these two are nothing alike.

Conflating them serves the power elite, who don’t want populism. They’ve nearly killed it so they want to portray it as some horrible thing, like patriotism on crack. Populism is simply putting human needs above the corporation and trying to help all people, not just the already comfortable.

fas·cism [fá shìzzəm]
or Fas·cism [fá shìzzəm]
dictatorial movement: any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors the dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism
This final one is what we have, the conflation of government and corporate power–and of course, corporations are pretty much owned by the rich. The poorest 50% of us own very little–next to nothing.


Populism is a good thing. Sadly, when you use it by saying “these foreigners/blacks/Mexicans/Immigrants are getting this thing and it is keeping you from getting it,” and enough people believe it, then it is what you cite, false populism used to manipulate.

Real populism lifts everyone up, and it does not compare and blame other groups.

The picture used for this article shows a blonde White woman at a Trump rally with a t-shirt saying: “adorable deplorable” in reference to Hillary Clinton’s comment during the campaign.

de·plor·a·ble [di pláwrəb’l]
1. extremely unacceptable: worthy of severe condemnation
2. wretched: wretched because of neglect, poverty, or other misfortune

a·dor·a·ble [ə dáwrəb’l]
very pleasing: charming, lovable, and usually very attractive

I think this is the perfect oxymoron.

There are rich people like Trump who believe that what is good for them is good for the little guy. They see themselves as “Gods.” As the producers of all things.  Trump used “false populism.”  He pretended to want to help the little guy.   Nationalism tinged with racism and xenophobia, and an added dose of fear. Thom Hartmann on his Radio show is recounting the things they need to do to raise Fascism in a country today.

Trump isn’t practicing populism. He’s trying to pretend to–he’s put a few meager tariffs on a few things, without taking steps to correspondingly raise wages from the bottom-up. I’ve always admitted if you get rid of globalizing you’re going to need to raise wages too. Things will cost more, though there is a certain constraint. Trump seems to be seeking another way to collect taxes that will be regressive. But the idea should be to raise tariffs across the board where it will be cheaper to just manufacture stuff here.

Populism is people friendly, not color, religion, or nationality friendly. Trump is the latter. He practices the fake kind.



Where do I start?

Trumpsters would all want me to say it is all “Fake News.”  The Lame Stream Media (LSM).

Constitutionalists would all want me to say it is the “Fourth Estate” of government keeping checks and balances on the other three branches (not to be confused with the “Fifth Column” that Hitler used to advance his Reich).

Journalists all want me to say it is a noble profession.

Media empires would all want me to say it is all independent.

Watchdog groups all want me to say it is all tied up into five giant corporations.

So what is the truth?  The truth being the main commodity of a perfect media system.  The truth being a essential element of “trusting” any media system.

I started to write down all the issues I wanted to address and found many of them in this Jimmy Gore Youtube video: