If you ever watch a travel channel you will note how many pacific island resorts have seen sea levels rise six inches a year and so that there governments are 100% behind the Paris Accord on Climate Change.  Hotels all over the world proudly show their commitment to “green practices” and sustainability.  They feel that these ideas are the biggest selling point to get you to stay with them.  Mean while in this country we have paid Climate Change deniers from the fossil fuels industry.

This blog will be a series of points and the subsequent comments I make to talk about the Climate Change issue.  I am not a scientist but only and observer—an observer of things in our environment that are unique recordings of why we think Climate Change is REAL.

I went to Alaska and the National Glacier Park in 2008.  The Captain of our ship said he doesn’t necessarily believe in Global Warming but in the 25 years he has been going up the glacier bay this was the furthest he has gone and the highest on-deck temperature at 45 degrees.  Then we went to Ireland in 2013 and it didn’t rain for the 8 days we were there (usually rains every 3rd day), the land temperatures were from 90-100 degrees the highest in the 150 years that Ireland has had recorded temperatures (before then no government thermometers).  Remember Miami Vice’s opening credits and a speed boat goes up a canal under some low bridges?  Those bridges now have less than 5 foot clearance—the sea is rising!

Then here in New Mexico, a 36 inch snowfall in 2006, a three inch rainstorm in 2010—all records and personal records for our ranch where we have recorded the weather since 1965.  On the Arroyo Hondo and Highway 14, in 2014, they recorded 4.4 inches of rain in two hours causing massive flash floods wiping out barns in the La Cienega Valley. Something is amiss….

Something NOONE EVER TALKS ABOUT is pet overpopulation and how it adds to Climate Change.  If every one of the 7.5 billion people has 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 bird and 1 fish—we are talking about another 30 billion animals in captivity—that require food that must be transported. Much of it grains. Then it results in waste and unless we are composting it, it requires transportating to landfills and sewer systems.

How to Stop Farts From Warming the Planet: Feed Cows Seaweed
Livestock accounts for 5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Now scientists discover seaweed dramatically reduces methane in animal burps and farts.  http://www.takepart.com/article/2016/10/25/solution-planet-warming-cow-farts-seaweed

I wonder if algae would serve the same purpose? Perhaps it could be a stock tank treatment (because it occurs naturally and all pastures would have access—more so than “importing” seaweed). Maybe we could get Los Alamos National Lab to look at this; curing Climate Change is a national emergency. There are a group of investors in La Cienega who are growing Algae for the nutritional supplement. Because we are at over 6,000 feet in elevation our Algae has better quality than the stuff grown in California. The one that turns red in stock tanks is the best quality stuff.

Although the cow does have 4 stomachs they actually have some 13 chambers in them.  It is a really complex system.  Cows graze in the morning then usually lay down and chew their cud in the afternoon by throwing it up and rechewing it.  I always wondered why they burp so much if they have such a complex system.  The end result is always the cow pie instead of the horse bun.  Cow manure almost has no weed seeds in it like a horse manure does because of the extra processing.  I don’t remember our grass fed cows actually farting unless they were driven home by the horses and forced to run.  Maybe the factory farm cows fart more. Maybe the corn fed to them because it is fermenting.  More study is needed.