Now sometimes I think that all Republicans are “scary” and wrong for the future because they are against the 99% of the American People and are too quick to send us into war; but Ted Cruz might be the scariest yet, and ever.

On March 9, 2016 Thom Hartmann on his radio show had the following topic: “Why Ted Cruz is even scarier than Donald Trump…” (

Thom talked about the “Divine Lie Concept” where among dominionists ( and the “ends justifies the means.”  So any amount of lying, stealing, cheating, and even violence will be forgiven at the End Times.  Just bring about the grand Rapture.  A finger on the Red Button and “Mutual Destruction” of the the World?   It is just one step in the process (  Remember this was the rumor about Sarah Palin’s main motivation to be Vice President—to bring about the end of the world and be reunited with Todd, Track, Trig, Trey, Trog, and Trap.

Ted Cruz’s father, an evangelist preacher, talks about the End Times Redistribution of Wealth and how his son Ted, has been anointed by God to be King of America (  Seems like the last guy they called King, George Washington rejected that title because we had just fought a war to rid ourselves of the chains of King George.

The other preachings of Daddy Preacher is that the King (his son: will lead a “redistribution of wealth” to those in need and take it from the power brokers who have had it too long (I think he means Jews here).

Thom says these are the Christian version of the Taliban.  Because they seem to incite violence to achieve their means.  Remember the “ends justifies the means.”

Will the “King” get traction?  Maybe, look at the other choices: Emperor Donald Trump, Al Gore Kasich (because he is espousing a lot of the 1996-2000 accomplishments of Al Gore’s Reinventing Government),  and Corporatist Marco Rubio.

Today, March 13th, Ted Cruz on the Sunday Talk Show circuit, is speaking out on the violence and hate speech at Donald Trump rallies.  In my mind, I visualize him thinking: “save all that anger for me when we can put it in a movement to bring about the fabled End Times by killing all the Jews until we coral them into Israel and only have 144,000 left and we force them to bow down to me and make them convert to Christianity to bring about Revelations prophesized Rapture” (

Go back to the government shutdown in 2013 (The Theology of Government Shutdown: Christian Dominionism:; when Cruz read from Dr. Seuss books in a mockery of what government does.  This disrespect for the very job he was elected to do should disqualify him to be elected as a dog catcher.  But yet it fuels the crazies amongst us.  Even unreasonable Steve King in Iowa backed him (

Ted Cruz argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court nine times.  Four times was the record before.  One time is very rare amongst the nation’s top lawyers.  Why did he do it?  Why did he take cases that were clear losers?  Why did he argue to keep a man imprisoned for 28 years more than necessary for a petty crime—stealing a calculator?  To a dominionist winning or losing, or following government rules, or legal protocols—clearly doesn’t matter (  Like the logic of a rabid dog or a pyscho-killer leaving a trail of mutilated bodies—the ends justifies the means or more properly the End Times is all that matters (not compassion, truth, charity, peace or even the love of your fellow man; or any Christian value we should embrace—it is all about killing the rest of the America—in fact, the “world” that doesn’t believe your crazy religious views).  In Ted’s crazy eyes you are expendable.

This is a very scary time —when we could have a King Ted Cruz; anointed by insane voters.